Welcome…come on in and stay a while.

Welcome…come on in and stay a while.

Hello there.  Glad you could stop by.  Hope we’ll get along and that you feel comfortable coming back for a visit every now and then.  Don’t mind the mess – it’s the natural order of things in a crafty home.  In fact, if everything is tidy and in its correct place, well, you can pretty much guarantee there’s no crafting going on at all.  Or that I’ve moved out and someone much neater and, most likely, less creative has moved in.

Having said that, I am hoping to get myself (and my stuff) in order this year.  It may mean re-organising and (gasp!) discarding/donating some items so I can focus better and actually see what I have to work with.  As it is, things seem to get lost, never to be seen again, buried beneath piles of magazines, half-finished projects and jars of buttons and beads.  I would really like to see my dining room table again.  I would like to actually dine at my dining room table again.  As, I’m sure, would my husband (I think he’s in here somewhere – behind the stack of clothes I’m altering or maybe under all that scrapbooking paper?) who is long-suffering and permanently in eye-rolling mode.

So, do come in.  If you can step over that pile of egg cartons (I’ve seen an gorgeous mirror decorated in flowers made from egg cartons…I’ll get ’round to it sometime) and be careful not to knock over the collage I’ve got drying on the couch, I’m sure I can find you a spot to sit.  Actually, perhaps you wouldn’t mind having afternoon tea outside…I’ll just need to sweep up the leaves on the porch and find a place for all those bits of wood I was sanding earlier this morning, before I got distracted and started building the guinea pig a new hutch. Which will then need painting and maybe a stencilled design on the sides…  Maybe you should pop back tomorrow?  You know you’re always welcome.


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