Baby, it’s cold outside.

Baby, it’s cold outside.

I am not a fan of Winter.  I look forward to the colder months with about the same amount of enthusiasm reserved for visits to the dentist.  Right now I am sitting here with a heat pack around my neck and a hot-water bottle at my back.  I would be wearing mittens if it didn’t make typing difficult.  If I could stay in bed all day, wrapped up in a quilt and hooked up to an intra-venous supply of hot tea, I would.

Winter makes crafting more difficult too.  Glue is harder to squeeze out of the bottle, paint won’t dry, varnish goes all streaky and weird and don’t even get me started on resin or dimensional glaze.  Thank Goodness paper is reliable.

This weekend I made some cards for a friend.  She always buys mine instead of purchasing them from a shop (which is a boost to both my creative self-esteem and my purse).  I’ve been in a bit of a creative rut this month.  Nothing has been working and I just couldn’t make a finished product I was happy with.  I have so many papers and ribbons, buttons and embellishments and I think I was giving myself too many choices.  So I chose a strict colour scheme (blues and browns – my favourite combination) and only a handful of add-ons to force myself into creating with less.  I was fairly pleased with the results, if only because it got my creative juices flowing again and got me in the mood to make and create.  Wish I’d started earlier – now the weekend is almost over and I’ve no time left to do anything except tidy up (oh who am I kidding? – that’s so not gonna happen!)


One thought on “Baby, it’s cold outside.

  1. Beautiful! I love the color scheme and you have many of my favorite images and items: birds, keys, tags, butterflies, different text and fonts. Too bad we can’t craft together.

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