Pig Tales

Pig Tales

As you will read if you stick around for a few more posts, my other love (besides craft and hubby) is my guinea pig, Roderick.  He is 5 months old and completely full of himself.  He rules the roost (and knows it) and is gorgeous.  That’s pretty much all you need to know about him.  Other than his middle name (Orinoco), his favourite foods (corn husks, sage and grass) and his preferred sleeping position (on top of not inside his “cave”).  I have spent more money on him in the last four months than I have on myself.  He gets fed first in the morning and is the first one to get dinner. He has heat pads and blankets and brushes and toys AND a nightlight.  The only thing he doesn’t have is a large enough hutch which we are slowly working on.  He does, however, have a play pen for, um, playing and running about, complete with tunnels and boxes for climbing and snuggle beds for napping in.  If I could buy him a castle-shaped house, you know I would.  He’s worth it.  Now, I wonder if he would wear a little crown…just for photographic purposes of course.



5 thoughts on “Pig Tales

  1. Tell us more about your little prince. Does he like to snuggle? Does he make different sounds when he is hungry or excited or sleepy? I haven’t had much experience with Guinea Pigs except years ago when my mom directed a nursery school and we would bring the resident piggies home on school breaks. They hadn’t really been well socialized and just lived in cages. I remember we’d try to hold them and sometimes they would settle down and allow it but other times just squeal and run away. So I need to know more about what they COULD have been like.

    1. He sometimes likes a snuggle, depending on his mood. When he was a baby, he would snuggle for long periods and sleep soundly on my lap, stretched out, yawning away and purring. Now he’ll only do it if he’s very sleepy or needs me for some warmth. I suppose as they get older they maybe need less comforting and cuddling. He still doesn’t mind being held and will sit with me most days. Sometimes he just looks at me with an expression of “I’ll just humour you until you go away…or feed me” but I think he likes it really. Most guinea pigs will run away when you’re trying to pick them up, I think that’s just natural as they’re a prey animal. Roderick tends to run away at first then come back out and nose at my hand to see what I’ve got for him. He loves having his back scratched and being rubbed behind the ears…

    1. He doesn’t have a buddy…yet. We’re working on a bigger hutch for him so I can then get him desexed and find him a wife! I don’t think he’d accept another male in his house…

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