Had kind of a crummy day yesterday.  Had some bad blood test results and my brain went into immediate meltdown.  When I came home, all I felt like doing was eating a big bowl of porridge and grated apple (it’s my comfort food), doing some drawing/colouring and going to bed early.  I don’t know what it is about colouring in, but it makes me feel better – it’s soothing and comforting and just makes my nerves settle.  Made a few cards with the finished “doodles”.  Do you find that a particular artistic activity calms you?


4 thoughts on “Doodles

  1. sorry to read u are not well.. i find that doing a craft or even just blogging is always a good way to take my mind off all those worrying thoughts! love the cards you made they turned out to be some great doodles!

  2. Thanks so much. I do try to keep my “illness” out of things – nobody wants to hear about that! But it does rear its ugly head every now and then and make things difficult – which is when it’s good to switch off and just make stuff/create/doodle.

  3. Crafting has always been good therapy for me. I’ve even used the name “Craft Therapist” online – but that sounds like I’m the one giving therapy when really I’m getting it whenever I craft. Sorry you haven’t felt well. Take care.

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