One Person’s Junk…

One Person’s Junk…

I get given stuff all the time.  By “stuff” I mean “junk”.  People I know rarely throw things out without asking me if I want it first.  Everything from scraps of material to cardboard boxes, toilet rolls and old jewellery.  The latter is something I received recently from the daughter of my ex-boss.  A bundle of tangled beads, earrings, pearls and chain.  Lots of different colours & sizes, metals and glass. S0 I started to pull them apart, see what went together, what colours I liked etc.  I really loved the square blue glass beads but I couldn’t make them work with the other bits and pieces I had so I decided to keep them for another project down the track.

I pulled out these individual pieces:



…and played around with them until I had a combination I liked.  The square green beads looked nice with the orange and silver spacers from one pair of earrings.  I decided to make an necklace and so joined them together and added some silver chain I had.

Finished product:


And on me:



It’s not perfect – the orange spacers are too light to sit in place properly.  They need to be heavier like the square glass bead in the middle.  But it doesn’t matter.  It didn’t cost me anything and it made me sit and DO something instead of just thinking about it.  I like the colours and maybe I can fiddle with it some more to make it sit and behave.  Or make something else…plenty of junk still to go!


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