Ten Random Things (and a bit)

Ten Random Things (and a bit)

Having a tidy up day today.  I figure if I’m going to get anything done I should make a space in which to do it.  That means finding my craft table underneath all the rubble that sits on top of it. And throwing stuff out (which I am not good at) and finding homes for things (which I am even worse at).  Because I’m messy and disorganised.  That’s one thing about me; here’s a few other random facts:

  1. I cry every time I watch the Sound of Music.  I’m fine until I get to the Edelweiss bit and then I’m history.  When they’re all singing it at the Folk festival and they have to leave the stage and try and escape the baddies – gah!  I just dissolve into a messy puddle of sad.
  2. I am related to Gypsy Jem Mace, the English boxing champion.  Several elder members of my family believe us to be descended from actual gypsies but this, for the most part, is nonsense.
  3. I don’t like liquorice.
  4. I don’t like mangoes.  They are gross and smell like rotting fruit to me.
  5. As a child I was terrified of werewolves.  Warren Zevon has a lot to answer for.
  6. When I was 11, I had to write the end of year school play for our class.  I spent a whole 2 weeks on it and was very proud of myself when we performed it at the Christmas assembly.  Until the next day when, instead of thanking me and congratulating me on a job well done, my teacher commented that I read my lines too fast and maybe I could do better next time.  I have never gotten over it.
  7. I share a secret language with my brother.  It contains words like “Boonah!” and “Yupchub!” and is completely meaningless.  We don’t even understand it ourselves.  But we don’t tell anyone else that.
  8. I am overly-sentimental about inanimate objects.  I still have a heart-shaped paper clip a boy I liked gave me when I was in grade 6.  That’s 27 years ago.  Whilst cleaning out a cupboard at my Mum’s house recently I discovered my “treasure box”.  It contained some baby teeth (mine), the revolting remains of my orthodontic braces, some nail clippings (from a pet rabbit I had), a flea collar (my cat’s), a splinter that had been removed from my foot when I was a kid, and a duck feather.  I once won an art competition in Primary School, aged 10.  I won a box of crayons.  I didn’t open or use the crayons until I was in my thirties.
  9. When I was 9 I announced that I was going to move to England and become the next Enid Blyton.  Surprisingly, this did not happen.
  10. I once wrote a book report on “The Brothers Karamazov” by Dostoyevsky.  I didn’t read the book but still got a C+.


    So that’s it.  There’s other random facts but they’re for another time.  Maybe when I need an excuse to have a break from tidying up again.



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