Sweet Paper Dreams

Sweet Paper Dreams

Ah paper…is it just me that loves all things paper ,stationery or supply-like?  I love notepads and stickers and pens and sheets of card and notebooks.  I guess they go along with two of my loves which are writing and crafting.  So, today, when I ventured into Inspired Crafts to pick up my first pack of papers and embellishments (as part of their Design team), I may have gotten a little bit sidetracked.  I can’t go into any kind of craft shop and not have look around, now can I?  But I restrained myself and only picked up a few bits and pieces to help me along with the papers I was given (as if I don’t have enough of my own already – but I didn’t want to use too much stuff that they didn’t sell in the store as it would confuse and irritate people if they liked something I had used and it wasn’t available for purchase).  So, now it’s down to work.  I have everything I need to create some pretty little cards and tags and off-the-page pieces (haven’t decided exactly what yet) so there’s no excuse…

The paper is from Echo Park’s “Sweet Day” range and it is sweet indeed, with lots of pastel tones and cute images.  If I can’t whip up something delightful with these, there is something seriously wrong with me!  (Ok, so there’s lots wrong with me but this is neither the time nor the place…) I’m working outside my usual colour palette but it’s nice to have a change and try something new.  And this lot is a great place to start!


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