Garden Magic

Garden Magic

My previous post was about my Mum selling her house and what the house meant to us all.  I forgot to mention the garden…she has worked so hard on it this last year, trying to get it looking good so prospective buyers say “Wow!”  and want to pay her a million dollars.  Well, ok, maybe not a million, but the garden LOOKS a million dollars now, to me.  The swimming pool was filled in years ago so Mum didn’t have to worry about it’s maintenance and costs.  She doesn’t swim so it seemed kinda pointless having a pool that required lots of looking after.  So, it was filled in (the bottom was drilled and broken up a bit so as to prevent water from building up in it and causing a swamp!) and Mum then proceeded to make garden beds and paths on it.  It looks great now and I can hardly imagine a swimming pool there at all.

She’s done so much with the house and garden, on a strict budget (she’s only on a pension and gets occasional extra funds from teaching painting) and I think she’ll miss the garden the most as it is now looking so good and took a lot of work to get it there!  But hopefully wherever she settles next, there will be space enough to have another lovely cottage garden (there will probably not be any kangaroos to eat her roses at the next place either!) and she can potter about to her heart’s content.

So here’s to my Mum and her garden – I only wish I had a smidgen of her green-thumb magic…









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