Interview with a Dufus

Interview with a Dufus

Ugh.  I just had a job interview for a Library Officer position at a local college.  I sucked!  I was so embarrassed, I couldn’t get out of the room fast enough!  I normally do well at interviews.  Even though I am a pretty timid and nervous person normally, I can usually pull it together at an interview.  But apparently not today.  I will say it again – I sucked!  BIG TIME!  I wouldn’t employ me!

I’m not even sure I want this job – I didn’t like the hours (lots of evenings) and the Librarian seemed a bit, well, cranky.  Maybe it was just because she was having to sit and listening to a huge dufus (ie me!) and when she had more important things she could be doing.  Sigh.  I hate leaving a bad impression on anyone, particularly when I’m trying to put my name out there and find a new, better job.

To make matters worse, I put my neck out yesterday so today I look like a weirdo, hunchback creature who can’t turn their head.  I couldn’t have been more un-employable if I drooled or passed wind (neither of which I actually did, I will just point out) and I’m pretty sure they metaphorically stamped a big “REJECT” stamp on my forehead before I was half-way through the interview.

So, if I do get offered the job, I will be very surprised.  I think my brain sabotaged my efforts because I knew, deep down, I wasn’t suitable for the job and didn’t want it anyway.  Maybe that’s it.  Maybe I just really do suck…maybe I’ve lost my mojo. Did I ever have Mojo?  Maybe I am mojo-less.  Maybe working in a sucky job for almost two years has rendered me sans mojo.  Dammit.

If you are having a job interview this week, I wish you good luck.  May your answers be thought-provoking, intelligent and coherent.  May you leave a good impression with the interviewers so that you are the preferred candidate.  If all else fails, just remember you CANNOT suck as much as I did today.


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