Nutcracker Sweet Shadow Box

Nutcracker Sweet Shadow Box

Just quick posts this weekend – sorry.  We’re so busy and I’m going here, there and everywhere looking at houses with my Mum.  It’s kinda exhausting but nice to spend lots of time with Mum.  The weather is gorgeous (too hot for some but I like it!) and Summer is just around the corner.

This weekend I finished the Nutcracker Sweet Shadow box I’ve been working on.  It took ages – lots of cutting out and rearranging but I finally finished it (in other words I decided to stop fiddling with it and just leave it alone!).  I used an old shadow box I had lying around that I had never found the right project for.  I spray-painted it off-white and left the harlequin-diamond patterned paper in the recesses of the box for contrast.  Then it was just a case of cutting out all the delicate little pieces from the Graphic 45 Nutcracker Sweet range and sticking them on (I used mounting tape).  Cutting out all the candy cane and sticking it on drove me a little nuts but it was worth the effort.  I added little dots of glitter glue here and there to highlight the shine and sparkle of the pictures.  It was hard to photograph though…  I was pretty pleased with it and hope the shop likes it too – maybe it will inspire someone else to give a shadow box a try.  Hope you like it too!

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