Simple Cards & Flower Rosette Tutorial

Simple Cards & Flower Rosette Tutorial

Hello there!  I’m back at work today after a nice two week break.  Wish I could stretch the leave into four weeks but I can’t so it is back to work I go (hi ho, hi ho etc…).  Last night I was trying to do some last minute crafting, knowing I wouldn’t get the chance to do any for a while.  I decided to make a couple of really quick Christmas cards because the jolly season is fast approaching and I haven’t got anything made for it yet.  I like to give handmade cards when I can – sometimes near the middle of December I run out of time and end up buying some ready made cards, but they’re just not the same.  So, hopefully if I start now and just make a few each week, I’ll have a stack to give to my nearest and dearest at Christmas time.

I made this super easy card first, using a tree decoration, some old dictionary text (from a Portuguese book I think!) and a Christmas rubber stamp.  Oh, and a bit of baker’s twine:

I actually made about four of those as they were so quick and quite effective I think.

Next up, I started making similar-styled cards but with a flower rosette and button in the middle.  These are more fiddly but still pretty quick to do once you get the hang of the flower.  I saw these in a craft magazine years ago and kept the article because I knew I would use the flowers one day.  I guess they’re more like the fabric “yo-yos” you make for quilts or other sewing projects.  Except that they’re not stitched… Anyway, apologies to the original creator of these rosettes and to the magazine she featured in…I’m certainly not taking any credit for this idea but here is a quick tutorial in making them.  Please excuse my horrible fingers – I do NOT have manicured hands.  I really need to hire a hand model for these shots… Also, my camera is misbehaving at the moment so I’m relying on my phone for picture-taking.

Step 1.

You need a strip of paper 30cm long and as wide as you’d like the radius of the flower rosette to be.  I found anything smaller than 1.5cm too tricky and fiddly to use.  2-3cm seems to work best.

Step 2.

Begin gathering the paper and turning slightly as you go, almost like you’re making a tiny fan shape.

Step 3.

Continue gathering and turning the paper – hold tight at the bottom so it doesn’t escape!  Keep going until you have formed a circle.

Step 4.

Now it’s gets really fiddly!  Shape the circle into as neat a shape as you can.  Join up the cut edge as neatly as possible – try and fit one edge under another and overlap paper so there are no gaps.  Staple the centre – a “cross” stapling seems to work best to hold it all together.

Step 5.

You can neaten the edges as necessary by trimming with scissors but remember, these are handmade so they’re not meant to be perfect.  It you want perfection (and a lighter wallet!) – go buy the flowers!

Step 6.

Glue a button to the centre in a co-ordinating colour.  Voila!  You’re done!

Try experimenting with different patterned papers and buttons.  I like the effect text or music sheets give but it’s up to you!  They’re a great little embellishment for paper crafts and something you can sit and do in front of the telly with minimum mess. Here’s some I made earlier:

Give them a try – they are very fiddly but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be churning them out in your sleep.  I made a nice little card with one and I think I’m gonna make some more!

Have fun crafting – let me know how you get on!


8 thoughts on “Simple Cards & Flower Rosette Tutorial

  1. I really don’t mind non manicured hands.

    This is a completely different rosette — I know of a kind without using staples. You just glue a round card on top of the rosette firmly. I’ll try this method of yours. Thanks.

    1. Thank you – I have seen the other kind of rosette and am going to try them too. It’s nice to have some that you don’t need glue for though…

      1. I tried your method the other day, and, sadly, it didn’t work — it didn’t form a circle. Heartbroken!! Perhaps I have to pull the paper harder, or force it to turn…. I’ll try again. It’s easier said than done with this non-glue method………

  2. They can be very fiddly, I agree. But once you’ve done one, you’ll get the hang on it. It just takes a little patience. I sat and did about 15 of them last night while I was watching tv. Just keep trying! Or give up and use a better method (and then tell us about it!). 🙂

    1. Thank you! Yes do try making some of the rosettes – they’d be cute in a nursery I’m sure. Let us know how you get on with them! 🙂

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