Card Recycling

Card Recycling

As I have mentioned before (many, many times!), I am a bit of a hoarder.  Now that we are having to move, I am trying to get rid of some things that I have had forever and really don’t need.  One such thing is cards.  LOTS of cards.  I keep them in scrapbooks and in boxes and under beds and shoved in between books on the bookshelf.  I have, literally, hundreds of them.  I don’t like to throw them out – I feel like I am throwing away a memory or the person that gave me the card.  Which is dumb.  I can pretty much guarantee than the people who gave me the cards in the first place have not kept every card I ever gave them.

So, this week I did my best to sort through piles and piles of cards and work out which ones I absolutely had to keep and which ones could be put in the recycling bin.  I also kept a pile back to cut up and make into new cards.  Sadly, the pile for the recycling bin was much smaller than the other two and I am not really any closer to freeing up some space or getting rid of stuff.

Anyway, I’m not even sure if I can keep making cards (or anything else) this month.  We need to find a new house and pack everything up and I really shouldn’t be making more mess…  That’s the theory anyway.  I made a couple of cards this week from bits and pieces I had cut from the old ones.  I’ll try to make a few more this weekend, in between house-hunting and and packing.  Oh, and I used some printable tags from Hey Look to accent the reindeer card.  I love, love, love their hand drawn gift tags – I’m going to be using them on my gifts this year (if I can get my butt into gear and actually buy some gifts before Christmas arrives…).





Hope your festive season is shapely up nicely and that you’re organised and ready to go (unlike me).

2 thoughts on “Card Recycling

  1. Thank you – not really original but good to remind people they don’t have to shell out for new stuff all the time and add to landfill etc! (or just another excuse for not throwing things out!) 🙂

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