Movers and Bloomers

Movers and Bloomers

Just a short post today – none of my usual waffle (you’ll be pleased to know).  I am drowning in a sea of boxes and packing tape and despite the fact we packed until 8.30 last night and there is roughly 30 full boxes sitting in my living room, we have barely made a dent…the trouble with being library folk (and avid readers) is that we surround ourselves with books which take up a lot of room and a heck of a lot of boxes to pack.  Sigh.  We’ll get there, I know, but I’m a little stressed out with Christmas and work and relationship worries and just, y’know, stuff.

Anyway, decided I am not going to get any more cards or other crafting down before we move so I have started packing up the craft room.  I finished off one more card yesterday morning.  It’s for an old work friend of mine.  He always loved my cards – so much so that he keeps them year after year on his pin up board because, he says, they make him smile.  Good enough for me!  So every year I try to make him a card I think he’ll be amused by.  It’s nice to make things and have them appreciated.  I don’t know how his girlfriend feels about him keeping this stuff but that’s not my business!

Anyway, I was trying to think of how I could change a well-known Christmas carol or poem into something funnier.  Being Aussies I thought I had better have a go at changing an Australian song.  So, I went with “Six White Boomers” – the chorus to that goes (for those who don’t live down under or aren’t familiar with the song):

…six white boomers
snow white boomers
racing santa claus through the blazing sun
six white boomers
snow white boomers
on his australian run…

Boomers are kangaroos, in case you didn’t know.

Anyway, I changed it to “…six white bloomers, snow white bloomers, hanging on the line in the blazing sun…”.  I printed out some images of frilly knickers, cut them out and stuck them on a “line” (which in hindsight I should have wrapped around the backing paper but never mind…I was in a rush!) and added the words below.  I should have probably added a bit of colour to the bloomers themselves and my cutting out was a bit shoddy but I am pretty happy with it otherwise.  I would have made some more of these cards if I’d had time but one will have to do for now.  Hope my friend likes it.  Hope you do too 🙂

Bloomers Card


Sorry, that wasn’t so short a post after all…:)


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