Deck the halls (of the office)…

Deck the halls (of the office)…

My workplace has been hard at work decorating the office as part of the council’s “best dressed workplace” competition.  We tried to use recycled supplies eg scrap paper, old boxes, leftover craft bits and pieces and just worked with whatever items we had lying about the place.

My co-workers created a lavish Christmas table, complete with paper turkey and fruit mince pies.  They also made a Christmas train with tracks that went all the way around the room.  We had a glittery North Pole, a jolly Santa (actually, a couple of those), some snowmen and a whole host of elves.  I made two reindeer our of a couple of kid’s play toys – ok, so they’re blue…but it’s cold at the North Pole, right?

The whole thing was kinda daggy and a mish-mash of styles but that’s what made it fun – no one “took over” or tried to make everything super perfect.  Even the supposedly non-creative people had a go and really made the place look festive.












It was nice to see everyone working together (my workplace is not the most cohesive) towards a collective goal.  Sadly, we did not win.  But it’s ok – we had fun anyway and we know we did our best with what little supplies we had.

As for hubby and I, well, we are still madly racing around looking at rental properties, trying to find something that suits, that we can afford and that hasn’t already been snapped up.  We are waiting to hear back from one today so fingers crossed…


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