Antidotes and Sofas

Antidotes and Sofas

Yesterday I spent a lovely day with my Mum who has finally bitten the bullet and decided to get herself some new furniture.  First, we went to IKEA, home of all things awesome and scandinavian/swedish-designed.  I love me some IKEA, I have to admit.  I was restrained and only bought a couple of little bits and pieces while Mum stocked up on some storage items and um, a lint roller.  We tried several couches on for size, measured cabinets, oohed and aahed over some pretty lamps and photo frames and basically just spent a lot of time wandering around.  We decided not to purchase any of the furniture – Mum needed to think more carefully and measure up at home a bit more before she actually bought anything.  But we’ll probably buy the pieces she likes, online, this weekend.  Yay for new stuff!  I should point out that my Mum NEVER has new stuff – she’s always had to make do with 2nd hand things and pieces mysteriously brought home by my Dad.  It’s time she had some new things.  She does, however, want to go retro-chic with her craft room so I foresee many forays into op-shops and 2nd-hand furniture places in my near future.

Afterwards we stopped in at a gorgeous gift shop in Mount Hawthorn.  Antidote is wall-to-wall fabulousness with everything from cute hand made dolls to beautiful ceramic plates, lovely soaps and decorating items.  We’d never been there before so we stayed quite awhile just looking at everything and wishing we were rich (ha ha).  I found some cute little boxes filled with mother-of-pearl buttons (Mum nabbed those immediately) and so many ideas for future presents for family and friends.  Mum decided to get me a voucher for my upcoming birthday so I can look forward to spending that!

I loved these trinket/cake stands:


And these beautiful wrapped soaps (I like anything with birds on…):


Look at this amazing dresser!  Isn’t it, well, amazing?! Just right for lots of bright textiles, toys and knick-knacks:


I loved this sign too…although I’m not what you would call adventurous.  I like to go to places I HAVE been before so I know what I’m getting into!  Maybe I should change that this year…:


The little tag on this item says it all : general eclectic…I’m thinking that’s what I should call all my stuff:


Lots of lovely washi tape and baker’s twine and yummy crafty supplies made of brown kraft paper (my favourite):


Beautiful little vintage-esque bottles of all shapes and sizes.  Just right for a single bloom or just as a decorative piece:


So, if you’re ever out in Mount Hawthorn, near Perth in Western Australia, check out ANTIDOTE on Scarborough Beach Road.  It’s lovely!

Oh and Happy Australia Day to all my Aussie readers & friends!  Hope you have a great day celebrating the beautiful country we live in…


3 thoughts on “Antidotes and Sofas

    1. I know! I would like to say I’m brave enough to be a possibilitarian but I’m probably more a perhaps-a-tarian. Or a maybetarian… General eclectic is a much nicer term than hoarder or junk collector I think! Thanks for reading! 🙂

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