Black Sesame & Green Tea Ice Cream

Black Sesame & Green Tea Ice Cream

It’s Summer here in Australia which leads to thoughts of beaches, sunscreen and anything that will cool you down.  Which in turn leads to thoughts of ice cream.  For me anyway.  I’m not supposed to have too much dairy and I do try to stick to that, but there are days when nothing will do except for ice cream.  Especially when it’s 40 degrees outside and you can’t get cool.  Or you’re depressed and need to stand in front of a frosty freezer and fill your face with something you shouldn’t-be-eating-but-who- cares-anyway-and-oh-God-I’m-fat!

Making your own ice cream is satisfying and easy to do.  It has the benefit of being as healthy or tastebud-tinglingly unhealthy as you want.  At any rate, it has less preservatives in it and you know exactly what ingredients go in to it.  I would recommend buying an ice cream maker – they are reasonably cheap (mine cost less that $50) and saves you time and effort.  If you don’t have one, there are plenty of instructions on the ‘net for how to make ice cream by hand.  The following recipe does use a machine but you could adapt it to whatever method and equipment you choose.  I like the green tea ice cream at Baskin & Robbins which is not too sweet and has that slight bitterness of green tea to it – it’s a refreshing change from the more sugary varieties (my favourite being the French Toast one…mmmmm….*drools appreciatively*).  So here is my version which I made up in order to use up some of the ingredients I had in the fridge.  I had copied down an actual “proper” recipe from a magazine but then promptly lost it and so had to create my own version.  This greek yoghurt gives it a nice tang but, if you are not a fan of that kind of taste, you can substitute cream in its place.

Black Sesame & Green Tea Ice Cream

200ml milk  ( I used soy but you can use regular dairy if you like)

200ml greek yoghurt

2 egg yolks

1/2 cup maple syrup

1 TBS black sesame paste

2 teaspoons matcha powder

2 teaspoons vanilla essence


In a bowl, whisk milk, yoghurt, egg yolks, maple syrup, matcha and sesame paste together until combined.  You can taste a bit at this stage to check for sweetness and add a bit more maple syrup if you desire.  I prefer it less sweet but go with what you like!

Chill the ingredients before pouring into into an ice cream maker.  Churn until ice cream consistency is reached.  I find I usually have to stick my ice cream in the freezer for a while to get it nice and firm (if firm is the right word for ice cream…).

That’s it!  Pretty easy.  The resulting mixture is a slightly unattractive greeny colour – you could add some food colouring if you like to pretty it up but. really, that’s going against the whole make-it-at-home-with-less-additives idea.  Trying to make it look pretty in a photo was kinda hard…you’ll just have to trust me that it tastes better than it looks!



P.S If you don’t like or can’t have maple syrup, use approx 125g caster sugar instead or substitute the sweetener of choice.  You can add more or less matcha and black sesame paste as desired too.

P.S.S  It took me two years to find black sesame paste here in Perth.  I asked in every Asian grocery store I could find.  Then, after giving up hope of ever seeing it, I stumbled across it in my local Woolworths supermarket, in the aisle with the peanut butter and vegemite, so there you go.  It IS available – you just have to stop looking for it, that’s the secret.  It’s kinda like love.  Or a good hairdresser.   🙂


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