Red Bean Anpan

Red Bean Anpan

My hubby had a film night to go to this weekend just gone.  He and a group of friends get together each month to watch a couple of movies at one person’s house.  Hubby decided to bake some Japanese Anpan for everyone to try.  I don’t normally like anpan, but the ones he made were delicious and I could possibly be converted…  Hubby is a wonder when it comes to breads and doughs.  Mine tend to come out tough or don’t rise or just look wrong.  His are light and golden and perfect (damn him!).

In this instance he filled the buns with sweetened red bean paste (he said it was too sweet, I thought it was ok…) and they were all gobbled up pretty quickly by the people at the movie night.  You can also fill them with chestnut filling, white bean or other things…I’d be voting for Nutella myself!  If I was allowed it…

So, on to the recipe…the one hubby used this time came from  and it gives step by step instructions with pictures to help you along.  Hubby couldn’t be bothered using dough hooks in a mixing machine (mainly because we haven’t unpacked those yet…) so he just did it by hand, stirring and mixing that way.  He also didn’t have black sesame seeds to decorate the top with so he just went with the olive oil glaze.  Try it for yourself if you’ve not had anpan before. has lots of other yummy recipes to try so check it out if you want some culinary inspiration!


Not sure why we are both on a bit of a Japanese-themed cooking phase at the moment…  I just borrowed a book on Scandinavian baking, called, strangely enough, “Scandilicious Baking” by Signe Johansen, so there might be a few tasty treats coming out of that one soon.    Stay tuned!

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