On the cards…

On the cards…

It is hot, hot, hot here and that is not conducive to being crafty.  Although I feel the cold much more than the heat, even I don’t like being sweaty and uncomfortable, especially when I am trying to make cards out of papers I don’t like and cannot get inspired by.

My last pack of papers from Inspired Crafts contained bright florals, glittery chipboard and hot pink polka dot ribbon.  So NOT my thing.  The papers were from American Crafts’ “Garden Cafe” range and although I know people far cleverer than me would have been able to work on some beautiful projects using these papers, I just couldn’t get into them at all.  I guess I just prefer simpler designs, smaller patterns and more subdued tones.  Or I’m just making excuses…maybe I am just rubbish at crafts and should take up sudoku or something 😦


Anyway, I struggled through the heat and lack of inspiration and managed to make three cards, none of which I am particularly happy with, that use the papers provided.  I couldn’t work with the polka dot ribbon.  I tried and tried but it didn’t go with anything so I left it out.  The glittery bits of chipboard?  Yeah, they kinda got left behind too.  I’m still determined to make something with them if it kills me.

So, I made these cards.




They are ugly and uninspired but at least they’re done.  I am sharing my crappy cards with you to make you feel better the next time you are having a bad day, craft-wise.  We all have them (I tell myself this) and I guess I will do better next time.  Actually, there won’t be a next time, in terms of my Design Team requirements as this is my last pack from them (new DT members will be chosen soon and I decided I needed to get back into my own stuff this year and improve on my skills rather than showcasing my lack of them!) and I can’t say I’m not relieved.  It was great to be challenged and forced to use products and papers outside my own tastes and preferences, but I really missed being able to focus on my own projects and not have a deadline etc.  So I’m a free agent again, able to make crappy cards and dodgy designs that I don’t have to show to anyone if I don’t want to!  Except for you guys of course!


Just tried a last-ditch effort at making another card using the Garden Cafe papers.  I was aware of the fact that I hadn’t utilised the floral sides of the papers and thought I had better give that a go before handing in what I’d made.  So here it is.  The final card made with American Crafts’ “Garden Cafe” range.  Now I can relax and never look at these papers ever again!


PPS Apologies to American Crafts.  There is nothing wrong with your papers – they just don’t speak to me, personally.  My limited creative abilities are obviously not up to the more flamboyant designs in your range.  😦

PPPS I actually made one more card using the polka dot ribbon and the glittery chipboards.  I forgot to take a photo though – d’oh!  I used some jump-rings to join the larger chipboard flower to the smaller one, accented them with a button each and then “hung” them from the ribbon like an arty pendant.  Wish I’d taken a photo ’cause it didn’t look so bad… I was determined to use those supplies though!  I handed all my finished items in to the shop and ran away ha ha.  Actually, I stopped for a minute to look around the shop and see all my work displayed.  Didn’t look half bad y’know?  I’d been too scared for the last 6 months to actually go and look at my own work up against other people’s?  Isn’t that silly?  I’m a dufus!  Maybe I should re-name this blog “The Crafty Dufus”.  What do you think?  🙂

5 thoughts on “On the cards…

    1. Thank you! I was glad to see them finished and out of my house! I hate doing bad work. Thank you for your appreciative comment though – makes me feel a bit better! 🙂

  1. I have not seen one card from you EVER that rates the kind of abuse you are throwing at yourself. All of these are creative, clever, well-made cards! I would be delighted to receive any of them. My favorite: the last one! We all have bad craft days and supplies that don’t speak to us. Put the sudoko down and find some paper you love. Or make a tall, cold drink and go sit by the fan. Thank you.

  2. Thank you – I’ll stop whinging now! I’m not very good when it comes to self-esteem! Thanks though. In hindsight, I guess they’re not so bad – I’ve seen much worse! At and least I managed to make something, even if I didn’t like the supplies and paper, I managed something!

    1. Exactly.

      Now can you email current address to Rem so I can get a Valentine in the mail in hopes you might actually get it while it’s still the month of February? thank you thank you!

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