Road trip and a new direction

Road trip and a new direction

This week I ran away.  Hubby and I have not been happy for a while and I didn’t know how else to get his attention so I packed up my bags and headed to the coast.  I left him a note detailing my unhappiness and pointed out a few traits of his I wasn’t too impressed with (I might be a coward in real life but on paper I am super brave!) and left shortly after he left for work.




I love being near the ocean.  I’m not what you would call a water baby or a beach bum or a surfer or anything like that.  I just love the sea. Just being near it makes me feel better and centred and calm.  I drove for three hours to Busselton, a seaside town in the South West of Western Australia.  My cousin is there and I spent some time with her and her husband.  I did lots of crying and talking and more crying and more talking.  My cousin listened and passed the tissue box and talked to me and hugged me and told me everything would be alright.

I drove to Margaret River (about 40 mins drive from Busselton) and walked on the beach, listening to the waves and the gulls and general beachy noises.  It was a warm day but not too hot and as it was early morning I wasn’t standing in the blazing sun getting burnt.  I found a lovely piece of shell up in the dunes ( I don’t like to take shells and other sea-stuff from the shores or the water itself.  I figure something might still need it or want to use it in the future!) and it is so white and perfect.



The water was beautiful.  I was so busy taking pictures, I didn’t notice the waves coming in and nearly got my feet wet (which is kinda the whole point of the beach anyway!).




I walked up and down the shore and into the dunes.  Lots of sandy steps to climb (good for the calves!) and nice photo ops.










I tootled around the various towns and seaside places for a few hours – might as well! – and did a bit of shopping and sightseeing.  I visited The Candy Cow in Cowaramup.  I love fudge and always stop in to the Candy Cow if we are in the vicinity.  Luckily for my waist-line, that isn’t too often.  I bought two flavours for me – Irish Cream (divine!) and Caramel and two for hubby – Arabian Nights (chocolate fudge with rosewater & pistachio) and Banana-Choc.  They have so many delicious varieties of fudge and other sweet things.  Bliss!








Then it was the long drive home.  Time to think and contemplate (and worry) and make plans.  Hubby and I talked when I got home and lots of things were said, lots of tears were shed, but at the end, we are at least on the same page and are going to try to make things work.  He said I did the right thing by leaving because it made him stop and think and realise that things had gone further than they should have.  I’m not going to bore you with the details.  Love is hard sometimes and life gets in the way but we can only try our best and be patient with one another and communicate (which we haven’t been doing) and hopefully, with the help of a little fudge and the occasional road trip, we’ll get through ok.  I wonder if the Candy Cow does mail order?  🙂









2 thoughts on “Road trip and a new direction

  1. Hoping the road trip and better communication have long-lasting positive effects for you and hubby both. Sea air is a good cure (or help anyway) for many things. Lovely photos.

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