The Recycled Bride

The Recycled Bride

No, I am not getting married again nor am I sitting in a thrift/op-shop with a half-price tag on me.  I just used some sneaky recycling/repurposing to help me make a card.


My cousin bought me some lovely PJs when I was getting married.  The top was white with tiny little “jewels” spelling out “Bride”.  You could say I’m not a sexy lingerie kinda gal so cute jim-jams were more me.  Anyway, it has been several years since said wedding and although I still wear the PJs, the whole “bride” thing is no longer quite so immediate or necessary.  The little jewels have actually stayed on for all those years, despite me just chucking the top into the washing machine and taking no care with it whatsoever. So what did I do?  I spent a lovely hour painstakingly picking the little buggers off so I could use them in crafting!  They are tiny and just perfect for cards or other small pieces of art.  So off they came – pick pick pick.  Quite therapeutic it was too!


Now I have a nice little jar of them and they didn’t cost me a cent (and yes that is a Tiger Balm jar – they are great for little buttons and other embellishments.  I use a lot of this stuff so I have plenty of jars.)  Gotta love recycling!  They are not too glittery and have an almost antique mirrored look to them.  Here’s the first card I made using one of the jewels (apologies for the pegs in the background.  The laundry had the best light in it this arvo…) :


I might add some more jewels, maybe to the red circles on the side of the card…not sure yet.

Anyway, birdie has a glittery eye and I’ve made another card.  Recycling for the win!  🙂



7 thoughts on “The Recycled Bride

  1. hahaha I love this! I have so many things I keep around because I don’t want to throw them away– I need to start repurposing them. great idea.

  2. I think I use the whole “recycling” thing as an excuse for all the junk I collect…I don’t think I’m fooling anyone! 🙂

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