Long Weekend Craftin’…

Long Weekend Craftin’…

Still makin’ cards.  I don’t get time to do it that often and so while I have a couple of days free, I’m gonna craft, dammit!  I’ve been trying not to be too picky or perfect and just get things made, trying to use up bits of my stash that have been hanging around forever.  This weekend I have made these (apologies for any repeats – I did have a post on Sunday but it seems to have disappeared into the ether…so I’m using some of the cards I’d already posted about just in case the other post doesn’t reappear!):


Still utilising those recycled jewels from my last post!


Love anything to do with birds and birdcages.  Have had these Twiddlybitz birdhouses for a while but couldn’t bring myself to use them.  Which is dumb.  What’s the point of buying them if you’re not going to use them?  Anyway, I just dabbed a black inkpad over them to colour.  I liked how the inside edges showed through – gave it a bit of contrast and definition.


Not thrilled with this one but it used up some scraps!


Haven’t made one of my little “doll” cards for a while so thought it was about time to try another one!


Obviously having some sort of blackbird moment this weekend…I’ve had this collage pack for years (from ARTchix) and, once again, hadn’t wanted to use it.  I’m such a dumb-arse sometimes.  Just use it already!

So, it’s getting late in the day and I should probably pack up (I haven’t just messed up my craft room – I’ve moved on to the dining room now…) and get ready to go out (we’re going to a movie night and I don’t really want to go…socialising is so exhausting!). I’d better wash all the ink off my fingers and pick all the scraps of paper and ribbon off the floor.  Don’t wait up  –  I could be a while 🙂


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