Zombie Fail

Zombie Fail

I met with my lovely friend GK yesterday for a cuppa and catch-up.  She is my own personal little cheer squad when I am feeling down.  She is funny and smart and talented and just a bit nuts (thankfully – hanging out with super sane people just makes me insecure!).  We talked about life, love and what-the-hell-is-wrong-with-men type of things.  I need someone like her right now.  We’ve known each other for about 25 years – if I haven’t scared her off yet, hopefully she’ll stick around some more.

GK asked me (for reasons unknown) to “do something with zombies!” for the blog.  I can’t say that zombies are my forte.  I’ve watched The Walking Dead a bit (only in the day time though ’cause it is scary!) and a couple of zombie movies but I’m hardly an expert.  I know they moan a lot and look kinda gross and possibly have brains hanging out of their skulls.  I know they eat people.  I know they walk really slowly (like those people in shopping centres who WILL NOT GET OUT OF YOUR WAY WHEN YOU’RE IN A HURRY!) and they don’t have much fashion sense.  I can’t say I’ve ever drawn one before or thought much about them.

So I got to doodling last night and decided very quickly that a.) my drawing skills are rubbish and b.) that is especially true when zombies are in the mix.  It is safe to say my zombie craft night was a bit of a fail.  Examples:


Ok, so this guy looks like a cross between Frankenstein’s Monster and a member of a boy-band.  I only had bright pink marker pens so his brain is a little bit lively for a zombie.  I don’t even know what “zombie love” is.  I sincerely hope I don’t find out!


Coloured in outside the lines on the hearts… *slaps wrist and goes in the naughty corner for bad colouring*


This chap is possibly more zombie-like but I smudged him when I was colouring…annoying!  He looks more like an alien than a zombie.  But I tried!


See?  Smudgy neck…maybe it’s blood?

Well, anyway, I hope GK appreciates the effort and knows that I love her even if I can’t draw very well or colour INSIDE the lines.  Hope these little doodles brighten her day as she helped to brighten mine yesterday.

Zombie Love to you all!  🙂

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