Bookmarks & Breakfast

Bookmarks & Breakfast

Hubby and I went to breakfast this morning.  One of our favourite restaurants is The Precinct, a local pub/coffee/foodie bar.  It has beautiful food (of the very-tiny-and-just-a-bit-posh variety) and decent coffee and an ever-changing menu.  There is usually something for us vegos on there and we’ve been numerous times and never had a bad meal.  They have gorgeous desserts (most of which I can’t have because they involve chocolate) and an awesome range of “bar snacks” like home-made potato chips, rosemary popcorn and, um, biltong (jerky) which is gross if you ask me (but then you probably wouldn’t ’cause I’m vegetarian).  The place has a trendy, retro feel and they use a lot of recycled bits and pieces for their cutlery holders, plates, water bottles and even the menus are printed on recycled paper.

This morning I went fairly plain and just had some slow cooked eggs on toast with a home-made hash brown (sneaky!  who ordered that?  Oh yeah, I did!) and a nice cup of English Breakfast tea.  It was simple and not so exciting but hit the spot nevertheless.  I’m pretty simple and non-exciting myself!


Hubby had been hanging out to try the new waffle plate dish which consisted of waffles (duh), maple syrup and a dark chocolate egg filled with a white chocolate/citrus dipping sauce.  He also got a hash brown (to help off-set the sweetness a little he says) and a coffee.





Afterwards, we headed home for a pretty lazy Sunday.  It was nice to just hang out at home, hubby watching tv and me doing crafts and making a mess (ha!).  I made a bunch of jewellery – earrings, pendants that I will post pics of later – and a few little beaded bookmarks.  I’d seen these in a recent issue of Molly Makes and thought I could give them a go.  I didn’t have all the right materials – should have used velvet ribbon for a more luxe look and had a wider end clasp – but I used up some charms I hadn’t found use for elsewhere and I kinda like the finished product as I first try.  I will pick up some more supplies today and have a go at making some “better” ones.






This little Aussie Echidna and Gum Tree Bookmark might be a good one to send as a gift to overseas rellies.


You know I love anything with birds on…and I like the fresh “Spring” colours and theme on this one.


This one was the first one I made and it might be a little bit lightweight and sparse…it might need a bit of tarting up with some extra beads or bling.  Like the mauve gingham though.

Anyway, I am glad to have found a new project that is quick and easy to do, not expensive and uses up all those leftover beads and charms.  Two thumbs up!

Hope you are having a happy Sunday (or Monday, as it now for me!) and get to enjoy some quiet time at home with your loved ones.  I had a job interview on Friday so now the anxious wait to see if I got the position.  Wish me luck! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Bookmarks & Breakfast

  1. Beautiful bookmarks! So clever. That breakfast is lovely too. A chocolate egg. Mmmmm. The hash brown looks amazing and the “simple eggs” is what I would be happy eating nearly every morning.

    1. Thank you – I was happy with the bookmarks as a first go. I haven’t gotten around to making any more which WAS the plan but…well, you know!

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