Sunday Night

Sunday Night

Well it’s Sunday night and time to pack up the crafty bits, iron tomorrow’s work clothes and do the dishes.  Time to say Goodbye to the weekend and get ready for the week.  I’ve watched the last episode of My Kitchen Rules and made my lunch for tomorrow.  Sigh – where does the weekend go?  Why do the hours go so fast on Saturday and Sunday and crawl by on a weekday?  All I know is that by the time Sunday night rolls around, I am overcome with a melancholy only an immediate lottery win could fix.

Just want to show you my card-making efforts for today.  I had a slow start and faffed around a bit for the first couple of hours, not making anything particularly good.  The last two cards were a lot better and I was able to end my craft session on a satisfied note.  Hope you had a successful Sunday and are all prepared for Monday 🙂


Just couldn’t get this card to work – took about two hours to match the buttons (and still didn’t succeed!).  Couldn’t make the word below work either – until I added the white banner.  That helped a lot!

ImageWas determined with this card to finish it and finish it quickly!  Kept it simple.  It’s not great but I did get to use the new lace that I bought!


ImageLiked this one.  I had some paper-tole butterflies that I wanted to use on cards and this was the first one I tried.  I just built up the middle butterfly with padded tape and left it at that.  The butterflies already had some glitter on them – that was enough embellishment.


ImageWas really happy with this one – it turned out so pretty and the colours worked really well despite the butterfly and papers not being from the same company or line.  I did a bit of stamping as well, just to add an extra dimension.  Built up the butterfly in the same way as the previous card.

Treasured Craft Creations

Treasured Craft Creations

Ah, weekend…is there any sweeter word?  Well, it’s a sweet word now that I don’t have to work on weekends!  Even sweeter when it’s combined with “Craft” and “Show”.  This particular weekend was host to the “Treasured Craft Creations” 3-in–1 market at the Claremont Show Grounds.  It is held several times a year and combines art’n’craft, vintage and antiques & collectables all under the one roof.  You could easily spend a whole day if you were to check out everything on display and go to each different section.  Mum and I (being seasoned TTC regulars) were only interested in the craft area this time so spent just a few (happy) hours wandering around the stalls and buying a few supplies and gifts.  We know which stalls we want to look at and which ones we don’t have a need for (there’s only so many times you can see crocheted peg holders or ironing board covers) but, this time, there were a few new stalls to check out which was a nice change and warranted further inspection and the taking home of business cards and flyers.

Anyway, here’s a selection of goodies on display…

Lots and lots of lavender – pretty purple everywhere! (I don’t remember seeing the
lavender sherbet lollies at the time otherwise I would have bought some!




Pretty gypsy-inspired jewellery, bags and scarves…


Love, love, loved this stall (Clay & Clasp) by local artist Lucy.  Such pretty pastel colours and cute designs.  I was so busy trying to get a photo,
I didn’t actually stop and buy something.  But I’m going to the website to see what takes my fancy.  Love the macaroon necklaces – how cute are they?
(sorry, photo is a bit blurry…hard to take a decent pic in jostling crowds!)



Lots of lovely soaps – handmade with glorious scents…


Cool little wooden plaques – like the colour scheme…beachy!


Adorable bunny pendant – also had dogs, cats, koalas etc.  Super cute!


Fabric and more fabric in every conceivable colour and pattern…


Plenty of jewellery for all styles and budgets… (I always look at jewellery for its components…can I make
something else with these beads/charms etc?)


We had a quick look at all the vintage clothes but we were really in more of a crafty mood so we moved on after a short while…


Candles everywhere!  Lots of lovely soy-based ones with beautiful fragrances and colours (although I must admit I like the plain cream ones best).
Mum picked up a few 
tea lights for her oil burner and little candle holders.


Loved these little owl pictures – isn’t he sweet, all sequinned and fluffy?


Something to jazz up your plant pots – Flower Pot Fillies!


I really must get into the cabochon trend – really like the jewellery and hair clips people are making…


This was one of the new stalls – “With Love by Bec” – great stuff, very reasonably priced and such pretty things! Lots of stripes
and polka dots and bunting (three of my favourite things!).  I really wanted the polka dot satchel…I ummed and aahed about it too long and
when I went back it was gone 😦




Gorgeous glass beads and steampunk jewellery…



Quirky-but-beautiful pottery.  Loved these indigo-hued bowls and dishes. Some of them had little feet and wings!


I have to admit my ultimate aim at these craft shows is to stock up on card blanks.  Boring I know but necessary.
P & K Craft Supplies always have awesome-quality blanks and I tend to come out with a big bagful of stuff…
I think the owner might think I am stalking him – he sees me at EVERY craft show he does.


So, what did I buy?  Well…I was reasonably restrained and just got things I knew I would use….

Lots of cards and envelopes, some bookmarks and some glitter
(and some teeny little price tags for when I’m selling my jewellery etc)


Some beautiful lace – Mum and I went halves on a 12 metre bundle – only $5.00!


An awesome “seconds” bag of Twiddlybitz pieces.  All this for $5.00!  Most of it was in perfect condition and the bits
that weren’t were so minimally damaged it was barely even visible.  Bargain!


So that was just a selection of the fine things on display.  My camera died very early on in proceedings so I couldn’t get as many pictures as I would have liked.  I did get fudge though and THAT is important!  Now I have a day at home to spend making cards and maybe tidying up a little bit (ha! unlikely!).  Then it’s back to work tomorrow…boo…but work equals pay packet and pay packet equals craft supplies so, y’know, it’s a necessity…  Happy crafting everyone – hope your weekend has been fun 🙂

ANZAC DAY – Remembering and Craftin’

ANZAC DAY – Remembering and Craftin’

Happy ANZAC Day to all my Aussie and Kiwi friends.  ANZAC Day is a time to remember those “who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations” and “the contribution and suffering of all those who have served” (thanks Wikipedia!) and to be thankful for a country that resides in peace , free from tyranny etc etc.  I always think of my Grandfather (“Danna”) – he fought in WWII and was very much loved by us all.  I can get quite weepy thinking abut him.  I miss him – he taught us the importance of tolerance and family (two things that sometimes don’t go together!), love, kindness and respect, believing in yourself and not giving up.  We were lucky enough to have our grandparents right up until we were adults and we have lots of lovely memories of them.  Anyway, here’s to you Danna and to all the other Granpas, Grandmas, Nannas and Grans – whether you fought in a war or just looked after the home font in times of trouble, we love you and wish you were here with us.


As ANZAC Day is a public holiday, I got to do some crafting and chill out.  My new job is going ok – still very frustrating with regards to procedure and practice (I’m still guessing as to what they actually are at this point) but not horrible or too stressful.  I am enjoying being responsible for something again and having lots to do.  The day goes so much faster when you’re busy.  I haven’t been as tired as I thought I would be, although I am still getting used to the early morning starts.  I miss having the three days off a week – have to grab a spare moment here and there to craft or do something creative but it’s all good.  I’m employed – that’s more than some people get.

So, with a few hours free today I got down to some card-making.  It didn’t get off to a great start – nothing was working and none of the new papers I had bought were doing anything for me.  So I went back to some old favourites, using my favourite colour scheme (blue and brown) and managed to make a handful of cards that I quite like.  First off, I had to make an Engagement card for my brother-in-law and his lovely lady.




Engaged! (I went for a fairly “arty” almost-indutrial look for this one)

Then I began putting together a bunch of cards that would be suitable for birthdays or “just because” days, weddings, engagements, goodbyes & anything else!  Lots of birds…(as per usual – I think I have some sort of addiction).



These little bluebirds came from paper-tole leftovers (thanks Mum!)



Love butterflies almost as much as birds!





So, a good day, all in all.  Made stuff, relaxed and slept in – can’t complain about that.  Hope you all had a good day too.  🙂

New Job & The TARDIS

New Job & The TARDIS

Hi everybody,

Well, I survived my first week at my new job.  It wasn’t so bad and I think I did OK.  I have basically been left to my own devices a lot and still don’t have a clear idea of what I’m supposed to be doing or, rather, how I should go about doing it, but I am hoping to get some more direction and instruction as time goes on.  I knew it would be an autonomous role (which I liked) but I thought I would be given some procedures or directives to follow.  At the moment I am just wading through a backlog of work that has been piling up – but, as I don’t know exactly how to go about things, I am just shuffling paper around for most of the day, trying to make sense of things.  My neck pain has been terrible (always made worse with stress) and I had a bit of a meltdown on Thursday evening – just trying to cope with everything AND be in chronic pain AND cope with relationship problems AND feel like I’ve gotten myself into a bad situation again.  Anyway, week one over and done with.  The people are very nice and friendly, I can make myself cups of tea whenever I feel the need (salvation!) and I have worked out the best route to travel to and fro (still takes me up to an hour to get to work but it’s ok and not too stressful).  Now I just have to figure out how to do my job! 🙂

On a sadder note, we had to say Goodbye to our beloved tabby cat, Bronte, on Monday night.  She had gone down hill rapidly this year and despite us desperately wanting her to reach the grand old age of 20 in November, we had to make the decision to let her go.  I was with her at her birth and will love her forever.  I hope Heaven has a sunny spot for her somewhere – she will be greatly missed and left a great big pawprint on all of our hearts.


Hubby and I went to a fancy dress party last night.  It had a Time Travel theme.  I have to admit, I really hate parties.  I am not good at them and I don’t enjoy them at all.  Most of my hubby’s friends are much younger than I am and so I always feel out of place and like an old fuddy-duddy.  I hate the super loud music (God, I am a fuddy-duddy!) and I’m not good at small talk with strangers and I can just feel myself projecting a “Hello – I am very dull” vibe.  Anyway, it was ok.  I went as The TARDIS from Doctor Who.  Well, an approximation of it anyway! I hadn’t had time in the week to get together an outfit to wear so two hours before the party I started making things…




TARDIS POLICE BOX JACKET (didn’t want to pin anything to my dress…)

So, not the world’s best costume but hey, I only had a couple of hours… At least people knew what I was.  Poor hubby went as Rufus, from “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure” but no one knew who he was.  I think they were all too young – some of them wouldn’t even have been born when the movie came out.  But I thought he looked awesome anyway.  My outfit wasn’t completely authentic or even correct (in terms of some of the wording on the hat and jacket) but I didn’t care.  I’m just happy I managed to put something together and that people didn’t keep asking me who I was supposed to be.  Luckily there was quite a few “Doctors” in the house so I fitted in well!

Today we got up an 1.30 In the Afternoon!!!!  Disgusting!  I hate wasting the weekends but we were obviously both tired and needed the sleep.  Now I don’t have time to do any crafting as there is housework to do and errands to run.

Just a short post today – if I get anything made or have something ground-breaking to write about, I will let you know!  Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend, wherever you are in space or time 🙂


New Beginnings, Engagements & More Mess

New Beginnings, Engagements & More Mess

The “tidying and clearing up” phase for the week has ended in some tidying and clearing and then a lot of piles of stuff just moved to different corners of the house.  That counts, right?  I can only only be organised and domestic for so long before the inner clutter-bug in me decides to start making a mess again.  Yesterday I sat and made a few cards and a pair of earrings and another flag necklace.  There is mess everywhere but I don’t care.  I am starting my new job tomorrow and I am FREAKING OUT and my brain cannot settle enough to actually make things neat and tidy around here. So…



Very simple friendship card.  Emphasis on simple!  I like the colours though (thanks Kaisercraft for the “Magnolia Grove” range)



Another simple card (told you my brain wasn’t working!).  Papers & stickers from American Crafts‘ “Dear Lizzy/5th & Frolic” range.



Another “collage” card using Kaisercraft’s “Needle & Thread” range.

I also started mucking about with my jewellery stash (as I was given a bag of unwanted jewellery from a friend this week) and made this pair of simple earrings (I’d also just bought a load of pretty glass pearls that I wanted to use…):


These look a little “Wedding-y” to me…which might come in handy (see below)




Dabbling with Washi tape to cover and decorate this wooden bangle…still not finished, still fiddling!  Might add some fabric strips or something…

My lovely brother-in-law and his equally lovely girlfriend got engaged yesterday so super big Congratulations to them!  I am so excited for them – they are so good together and I hope they will be fantastically happy forever and ever!  Also, I want more nephews and nieces, so, y’know, they need to get a wriggle on there, ha ha!  So I guess there will be a wedding coming up soon – just glad it’s not mine!  Weddings are hard work! 🙂  Hope I can help them as much as possible and support them in whatever way they need.  I’m always kinda secretly surprised when people get married these days.  In this cynical day and age it seems almost an old-fashioned thing to do and it gets a lot of bad press.  I’m glad it’s still embraced by some.  Love is love and I’m glad it’s still all around, in whatever form it takes.

Drove to my new workplace today to make sure I know where I am going tomorrow…I am a nervous driver so it’s good for me to get my bearings and directions well in advance.  Also, driving there tomorrow in peak hour traffic will not be fun so it’s better that I know where I am going – one less thing to concentrate on.  I’m so tired today and it’s partly because I am nervous and not sleeping due to worrying about starting work on Monday.  I know it will be ok but I am nothing if not a worrier!

Hope your weekend has been worry-free and super relaxing.  I’m off to make more mess while I still have time 🙂

A Fish Called Fatty

A Fish Called Fatty

I am called upon by friends & family to do many things.  Babysit kids?  No problem.  Help you move?  Done.  Organise weddings?  Sure.  Drive you to the airport?  Absolutely.  I’m happy to help, if I can.

One of the more out there requests I have had in recent years was to write a poem for a friend’s little girl, regarding the death of her beloved goldfish, Fatty.  I’d forgotten all about this until I found the poem, hidden in a stack of papers-to-be-sorted in my office (yep, I’m still tidying and clearing!).  My friend’s daughter, Katie*, was sad about her little friend, Fatty, dying, as goldfish are wont to do with alarming regularity (well, obviously the one goldfish can only die once…but if you have a few of them, well, you get what I’m saying!) and was having a bit of trouble getting over it.  So my friend asked me to write a little something that would make her smile again and feel comforted.  The resulting poem was written very hastily and while I was supposed to be finishing off a budget report, so please excuse any misuse of iambic pentameter, grammar or other rhyming conventions…

A Fish Called Fatty

There was a fish called Fatty
Who Katie loved a lot
She’d would never fry him up
Or cook him in a pot

A happy little goldfish
Fatty would swim around
He’d go “Bloop, Bloop” with his fishy mouth
But hardly make a sound

He wanted to be a rock star
But couldn’t really sing
Plus he couldn’t play guitar
Which was the annoying thing

So Fatty was content
To swim about all day
He liked to make Katie smile
And watch her as she played

“I am so lucky” he said one day
Whilst swimming and blooping about
“That Katie is mine and I am hers.
Why would I want to go out?”

Fatty lived a happy life
With never any sadness
He felt safe with Katie about
She filled his heart with gladness

Fatty is no longer with us
He had to pass away
But if he could talk to Katie now
This is what he’d say:

“Thank you for looking after me
and making my life great
I’ll miss you lots, now that I’ve gone
You were my bestest mate!

Now don’t be sad
And please don’t cry
I’m having fun
That’s not a lie

I get to play guitar now
And boy I’m getting good
I play for all the Angel Fish
In my neighbourhood!”

Apparently, the poem did the trick and cheered Katie up.  I think it is sometimes easy to dismiss a child’s sadness as something they’ll “get over” and, particularly with the loss of a beloved pet, that’s quite often just not the case.  They don’t always have the capacity to think beyond what is “here and now” and need some comfort that things are ok and that death isn’t an ending, it’s the beginning of something else and something that we all have to face.  I kinda liked to think of Fatty rocking out in Heaven with all his fishy little friends and I’m glad Katie felt better thinking about it too.

Here’s to all our very-much-loved-and-adored pets that have passed on to the great kennel, stable, fish bowl or chicken coop in the sky.  May we see them again some day.  🙂

Proverbs for the Non-Conventional

Proverbs for the Non-Conventional

In cleaning up and tidying my spare rooms this week (yes, it has taken a week…and I’m still not finished), I have found lots of things that had been hiding, forgotten, in cupboards and boxes, stuffed-to-the-max envelopes and files.  One of these “treasures” was a list of proverbs my brother wrote with a friend, twenty years ago.  They were mucking about and being silly (as boys are), trying to think up things to put on t-shirts, and they came up with an extensive list of slightly “alternative” proverbs that make me laugh every time I rediscover them.  I’m not sure if my brother even remembers them or if he wonders where they ended up.  I’m the “keeper” in the family – if there’s a certificate or a first lost tooth or a movie ticket that was bought on such-and-such a day, I’m the one who keeps it.  Hence my continual tidying up and de-cluttering.  What can I say?  Some say “Guardian of Important Stuff”, some say “Hoarder”.  It’s a little of column A, a little of column B.

Anyway, back to the proverbs.  Here they are in their entirety (I apologise for any that are slightly risqué – we are talking about two guys in their early twenties here):

  • If at first you don’t succeed, break a leg!
  • He who laughs last spoils the broth!
  • Never look a gift horse in the bush!
  • A rolling stone catches the worm!
  • A wise man gathers no moss!
  • Too many cooks, try, try again!
  • When in Rome, call the kettle black!
  • He who laughs gets two in the bush!
  • He who laughs last puts all his eggs in one basket!
  • Look before you make love!
  • When in Rome, leap!
  • A bird in your hand spoils the broth!
  • Don’t count your chickens before you make love!
  • Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man spill the milk!
  • The Early Bird looks before he calls the kettle black!
  • When in Rome, laugh last!
  • If in doubt, break a leg!
  • If at first you don’t succeed, make love!
  • Beware of Greeks bearing children!
  • Too many cooks catch the worm!
  • Make love before they hatch!
  • A watched kettle never prospers!

So there they are.  Maybe they make me laugh because my brother created them and he always makes me laugh because I love him and like to see him being silly and happy.  Whatever.  Hope they made you laugh too and who knows, maybe one of them might actually apply to something you do today.  Let me know if you can add a few silly variations of your own 🙂