Bunnies, Bunting and Brownies

Bunnies, Bunting and Brownies

Happy Belated Easter everybody!  Hope you had a lovely weekend (whether or not you celebrate Easter itself) and were able to get some relaxation, recuperation and, what’s another ‘R’ word? Restoration?  Anyway, hope you had fun and enjoyed time with loved ones (or just lots of lovely chocolate if you’re lucky enough to be able to eat it!).

I had a busy weekend, visiting family and catching up with people.  I also got lots of crafting time in (with the countdown to my new, full time job I am crafting up a storm whenever I get the chance!) and made a few bits and pieces.  I made a sweet little necklace with some wooden bunting/pennants from KaiserCraft, that I covered with patterned papers and sealed with Ranger Ink Matte Accents glaze.  I’ve already had one friend say she wants one made for her so I guess it looked ok!



I also worked on some simple, collage-based cards using some butterfly-shaped blanks I bought from the local discount shop – 5 cards with envelopes for 99 cents! I had the idea of collaging them with different papers, almost like a patchwork quilt, when I saw them in the shop.  I added a small scrap of text and a button for embellishment.  The cards worked out quite well and weren’t too time-consuming.  I glued the paper pieces on with gel medium and used that to seal the cards too.  Here’s the first attempt (forgot to take photos of subsequent ones!):




I spent some time at Mum’s and she showed me the projects she’d been working on (both taken from Somerset Studio magazines).  This cute little bird box:


…and some fabric flowers/roses that she’ll use for embellishments on other projects.  Love these!:




They are created by twisting 1″ strips of fabric around a knot, stitching or glueing as you go, then added beads, pearls etc in the centre for accent.  They are attached to a circle of text paper and some lace or burlap or whatever suits your fancy!  Fiddly but easy enough to do – I’m gonna practice making some later!

It’s my last day at my current job tomorrow.  I’m having an afternoon tea “send-off” so I attempted to make some cake pops to take with me.  Having never made them before (but they always look so pretty!) I wasn’t really prepared for how long they take.  Also, they are so sweet!  I kinda feel the spectre of Diabetes hanging over me, just by being in the room with the little suckers!  I made a bunch of them, but, not being particularly enamoured of them, I made a big batch of brownies as well.  Brownies never let me down!  I’m not going to show you the Cake Pops – they are a bit sad and ugly.  Just use your imagination 🙂

Hope your week has gotten off to a good start and that April Fool’s Day didn’t harbour any nasty surprises or pranks.  All the best for a safe and happy April 🙂


3 thoughts on “Bunnies, Bunting and Brownies

    1. Thank you – I was pleased with the necklace and it wasn’t difficult (always a bonus!). I like anything with bunting on it…I’m a bit obsessed actually! Thanks for your comment 🙂

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