Today, April 8th, is the three year anniversary of me contracting and surviving meningitis.  Those three years have gone by so quickly but, at the same time, my illness seems like just yesterday and I remember my hospital stay in great detail.

This is just a quick post to send out a “Thank You” to all the people (doctors, nurses, family, friends, physiotherapists and so many others) who cared for me and made sure I got through this particularly dark time in my life.  Dark because I was so scared and so very very ill – but also an extremely uplifting experience because I was loved and looked after and never left alone for a single moment.  I think I summed it all up in my Facebook post today (after someone had told me I was amazing):

“Actually I think I am just supremely lucky to have been surrounded by lots and lots of angels in the form of awesome doctors (including the student doctor who came to see me the day after I came out of the coma and said “Meningitis…grrr..agggh” like the zombie at the end of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and told me he was really really glad I didn’t die ’cause that would have been “a bummer and everyone would have been sad”), amazing nurses (who entertained me with hospital gossip and dance routines and brought me milo in the middle of the night and sat on the floor next to my bed and talked to me about anything but illness and fed and dressed and bathed me when I was incapable of doing anything myself), lovely patients who helped look out for me even though they themselves were unwell, wonderful orderlies who rubbed my hands when they were so painful and made me laugh and encouraged me to eat, beautiful friends and family who loved me and visited me and didn’t let me wallow in self pity when all I wanted to do was sink down under it and drown and for everything to be over. I’m not amazing, just amazingly blessed.”

I will be forever grateful to everyone for surrounding me with so much love and care.  It filled up my heart and made my body strong and helped me walk again and come back to the land of the living.



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