Sunday Night

Sunday Night

Well it’s Sunday night and time to pack up the crafty bits, iron tomorrow’s work clothes and do the dishes.  Time to say Goodbye to the weekend and get ready for the week.  I’ve watched the last episode of My Kitchen Rules and made my lunch for tomorrow.  Sigh – where does the weekend go?  Why do the hours go so fast on Saturday and Sunday and crawl by on a weekday?  All I know is that by the time Sunday night rolls around, I am overcome with a melancholy only an immediate lottery win could fix.

Just want to show you my card-making efforts for today.  I had a slow start and faffed around a bit for the first couple of hours, not making anything particularly good.  The last two cards were a lot better and I was able to end my craft session on a satisfied note.  Hope you had a successful Sunday and are all prepared for Monday 🙂


Just couldn’t get this card to work – took about two hours to match the buttons (and still didn’t succeed!).  Couldn’t make the word below work either – until I added the white banner.  That helped a lot!

ImageWas determined with this card to finish it and finish it quickly!  Kept it simple.  It’s not great but I did get to use the new lace that I bought!


ImageLiked this one.  I had some paper-tole butterflies that I wanted to use on cards and this was the first one I tried.  I just built up the middle butterfly with padded tape and left it at that.  The butterflies already had some glitter on them – that was enough embellishment.


ImageWas really happy with this one – it turned out so pretty and the colours worked really well despite the butterfly and papers not being from the same company or line.  I did a bit of stamping as well, just to add an extra dimension.  Built up the butterfly in the same way as the previous card.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Night

    1. Thank you 🙂 Well, I don’t manage nearly as many blog posts as I’d like to, and sometimes I struggle to have anything at all to say…but completing a crafty something helps!

    1. Thank you 🙂 I kinda liked the fox too – it was a really simple card to make but the colours appealed…thank you for your comment 🙂

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