What is Your Crafting Style?

What is Your Crafting Style?

What is you crafting style?

I could say I am neat and tidy, organised and orderly when I craft, but my pants would immediately catch on fire and my nose would grow about 6 inches longer.  As I have spoken about my hoarding tendencies and messiness ad nauseum in this blog, I won’t go on about it here but I thought, as a sort of connected subject, I could talk about my crafting “style”.  By which I mean my complete lack of any style while crafting.

When I am at home and not expecting company (other than hubby who doesn’t notice me any more and is very short-sighted anyway even if he did) I tend to gravitate towards comfort.
What does comfort mean to me?  Well, it usually involves baggy clothes, slipper socks, jeans I haven’t washed in a few weeks (oh come on – you all do it!) and hair that is pulled up and back and makes me attractive to no one.  I avoid mirrors on such days because I am interested only in paper, glue, fabric and scissors – I do not care about makeup or fussy hair or fashion.  I want to be comfortable and not worry about getting paint on my best shirt or accidentally glueing sequins to my dress.

My crafting day will typically involve many cups of tea.  Many.  There will be toast.  There will be music (and possibly daggy dancing when no one is looking) and there will be warmth – I am a cold morsel and although fresh air is nice some of the time, I mostly like to be ensconced in cocooned warmth and solitude.  I can’t do anything when it is cold.  My hands hurt, my neck aches and I feel decidedly un-creative because I am too cold to think about anything else.  So warmth is what I need.  In our old house this meant practically sitting on top of the small heater in the lounge and dressing like an eskimo.  In our newer house I am hoping to be slightly warmer this year and be able to craft comfortably without being wrapped in a blanket with a hot water bottle strapped to my back (yes, I have done that in the past – don’t judge me).

So how about you?  Do you like to be colourful and comfortable when creating, or is simple and plain more your style?  Do you wear jeans or track-pants, PJs or dresses?  Hair up or down? How ever you do it, I hope it makes you happy and brings out the real you.  Unfortunately for me, the real “me” is style-free and possibly not fit to be seen in public.  But that’s ok 🙂


7 thoughts on “What is Your Crafting Style?

  1. I’ve done a LOT of crafting in my nightgown and bathrobe and the sleeves of my robe are a bit worse for wear. Even when I haven’t used glitter for days or even weeks of crafting, I often end up with glitter on my person when I pull away from my craft desk. Comfort is important but if it’s after dinner on a work night and I want to make something, I have to be careful not to get paint or ink on my clothes, because I don’t want to stop and change: I want to craft!
    I am a warm person so sometimes I’m overheated and open a window or throw on a lighter top to keep my cool. When the weather is warmer, I aim a fan at myself but have to be careful to have something low down or I’ll blow all the supplies around.
    Though my hair is short, it can get in my way. So I grab a clip and twist it off my face. I don’t mind being seen in this attire because it or a variation is my weekend wear – shorts or jeans or workout gear that I haven’t changed out of after a hike.

    1. I know what you mean about the fan…I am a “whistler” ie I whistle while I work or am concentrating so I often forget I am dealing with glitter or tiny bits of paper and end up blowing it all off the table. 🙂

    2. I’m always cold so I don’t like air conditioning or really wintery days. On the other hand, crafting when it’s really hot and sticky isn’t fun either! In any case, I will be daggy and not very stylish at all! 🙂

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