Last Ditch Effort…

Last Ditch Effort…

Horribly busy day today.  Had to re-do a newsletter I am responsible for, for the FIFTH TIME because the powers that be kept changing their minds about what format they wanted it in and what info was to be in it etc.  If they just told me what they wanted in the first place, I wouldn’t have had to waste time changing it every five minutes.  Gahhh!!  Lots happening and my desk looks like a bomb went off…oh well, will get round to my other work tomorrow I guess!

So I kinda lied yesterday when I said I would pack up my stuff and stop making things for the night…I couldn’t resist just trying a few more things before it was truly time to put everything away and make room on the table for pesky dinner time (so inconvenient!).  I quickly made a few pairs of earrings and some more book markers – that way I at least felt like I had made a proper crafty effort for the weekend…


Like these little earrings…they look like tiny wee peaches!


Pretty petite blossoms…


These ones remind me of flying saucers…made out of boiled sweets maybe!


These are quite elegant…black and white never goes out of style I figure!


Blingy Bookmark # 3000!


And another!


A less fussy style for this one…


When you start seeing stars, it really IS time to pack up!

So, I did pack up eventually…and by pack up I mean pile it all in a corner so I can possibly get it out again quickly the next day…

Hope you had a great start to the week – have a wonderful Tuesday and enjoy whatever you’re doing (if you can!)  🙂


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