Pendants and a new musical hobby (maybe).

Pendants and a new musical hobby (maybe).






A sunny (but cold) day in Perth today.  I slept in (whoops) despite being determined to get my craft on today and not waste time and ended up not getting much done at all.  I did make two basic pendants though – they’re nothing fancy but they’re quite sweet and make me wish for Spring (which in turn leads to lovely, lovely Summer, my favourite season).  Hubby had some friends over for a day of board games which meant I didn’t have the big table to use.  I had to make do with my little tiny desk which would have more room on it if I wasn’t such a slob ha ha.  Anyway, here’s the pendants….

What is it about birds and crowns with me?





This one is a different colour scheme for me – cleaner and less shabby than I would normally do.  I like the pale green though.

My other new “thing” this weekend is my new baby…..


Meet “Bluebell”, my new ukelele!

Yes, I bought a ukelele.  Can I play one?  No.  Can I play any musical instrument?  No.  Am I going to let that stop me?  No!  I have tried learning guitar but because of my troublesome fingers, I find it very hard to get all the chords right – I can’t make my fingers do what I want them to do.  The size of the guitar makes it harder for me to control what my hand is doing.  So I figured I would give the old “uke” a try.  She’s cute right?  I’m gonna give it a go but promise to spare you all from my musical stylings….

That’s all for today.  Hope your weekend has been bright and beautiful 🙂


2 thoughts on “Pendants and a new musical hobby (maybe).

  1. Your beautiful blue picture with today’s post goes well with pretty Bluebell. Great idea to find a smaller instrument that is like but unlike the guitar. Good luck!

  2. I got my Dad to tune the uke for me (I haven’t got a clue…) and so now I have no excuse for not learning to play it…that’s the theory anyway 🙂

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