Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block

It is sometimes hard to come up with a blog post.  There are days when I could write a hundred posts easily and then, more often, days when I get stuck once I’ve clicked on “New Post”.  Sometimes I have great ideas, usually just before
I fall asleep or while I’m out walking or when I should be listening during a presentation at work, but these ideas are fleeting and disappear as soon as I start thinking about something else.  Quite often I will work through an entry,
completely in my head, to the point of finishing it, but then, when I go to type it up, it’s gone forever.  It’s as though my
brain says “Well, you worked it all out already – why does anyone else need to see it?  Move on!”

I also don’t have a very interesting life.  Which is fine by me, until I want to find something to write about.  I’m not a daredevil or a risk-taker.  I don’t have dangerous hobbies or a need to do things in bigger and better ways.  Most times, I am just happy to have gotten through a day without falling down (clumsy), crying (overly-emotional) or embarrassing myself (social ineptitude).  There isn’t anything left to write about.  Nothing that would interest anyone else anyway.  I can only go on about my illness or marriage breakup so many times before people start nodding off, or worse, logging off and “un-following”.  I have my crafts but sometimes I don’t like what I have made or am just not able to get anything new made in the first place.

So, what to write, what to write…?  I have looked around on the internet to see what other people suggest.  Here’s a few good sites with topics and tips if you stuck like me:

Molly Greene : Writer


Social Media Today  

Title Tool (this one is great – it has a title generator!  Type in a keyword and it gives you suggestions for blog posts!  Cool!)

There’s a hundred and one other sites to look at that might help fuel your creative fire.  I am going to try some myself today – you may or may not get to see the result!  🙂


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