Vintage Blue

Vintage Blue

Just a quick post – gotta get my head together and think about my New Year’s Resolutions and goals before midnight hits…

One such resolution should focus on spending.  Or, rather, doing less of it.  I am generally pretty careful with my money but I do, like most people, buy things I don’t need.  I hardly ever buy brand new things, so I forgive myself somewhat, but buying is buying and I already have too much stuff so
I should promise to keep my purse shut in the New Year.

That said, I have had a lot of expenditure this week – primarily on my car which needed a major service, lights and brakes fixed, four new tyres and a wheel alignment.  Sigh.  All necessary things but still…the money had to be pried from my fingers like Kim Kardashian hanging on to her false eyelashes and Laboutins.  So I told myself not to spend any more this week if I could help it.  I then cleared out my wardrobe of unwanted items (four bags full – disgusting really) and took them all down to the local op-shop for donation.  Which would have been fine had I not then walked INTO the op-shop, instead of just stopping at the donation bins outside.  Sigh.  I desperately need new shoes (I have weird feet and find it impossible to find shoes to fit me plus I can’t walk in heels.  Or wedge heels.  Or really flat shoes.  And I don’t buy leather.  See? Impossible!) and was looking to see if there were any in the op-shop but no…nothing.  Which led me instead to the clothes racks – four t-shirts, two skirts and a dress later, I wandered over to the china and knick-knack section.  I have been wanting some nice cup and saucer sets so when people come over for tea I can actually serve it nicely instead of plonking a mug down in front of them.  So classy.  Not that there’s anything wrong with mugs – I’m not that elitist – but it is nice to be able to have some elegance in your life from time to time.  Anyway, I found this lovely set and bought a matching pair too.  So pretty.  I think it may be vintage but nothing fancy.  I just liked the colours and design.  It’s cute and my favourite colour, no chips and the glaze is in fairly good nick too.


Sweet and Petite!


The set is made in Japan…not sure why it has an English castle scene  on it though…


Ye Olde Castle on a hilltop…with pretty wildflowers.

Now all I need is someone to come over for tea… 🙂


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