I’m melting, MELTING!…(and craftin’)

I’m melting, MELTING!…(and craftin’)

Yes, it is hot.  You know it’s hot when I am complaining about it.  Because I am never warm and I do not like being hot and sweaty and gross.  Although it is preferable to being freezing cold and miserable – I don’t care what anyone says!

I have been trying to get some jewellery made to get my stocks up again and also because it is too hot to do anything else.  I did contemplate reading, sitting in front of the air conditioner but I didn’t think my brain would be able to concentrate on the book, and besides, I had some lovely new beads to use, so….

I made a few bracelets and a couple of necklaces and pairs of earrings.  I am seriously short on findings now and I don’t know why I didn’t buy some yesterday when I was out.  I blame it on the heat. One’s memory fails when the brain is heated above a certain temperature…I think that’s a thing…I’m sure I read it somewhere.  Anyway, here’s a few things I made today:







I’m using a lot of the same colours again as they are popular, but I really need to stock up on some different colours and styles…I have no yellow left at all and barely any decent greens.  What a shame – that means I will have to go shopping at some stage soon – when it cools down and my brain is functioning again.

The last thing I made today was just what the doctor (and my rapidly melting body) ordered – an ice-cold strawberry smoothie.  Soy milk, frozen strawberries, a dash of honey and a handful of ice-cubes…perfect!  I feel better already and much, much cooler 🙂


Hope you’ve had a creative and tasty day too 🙂


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