Dog and Cat Tails

Dog and Cat Tails

I miss having stories.  When I was a vet nurse I had interesting stories to tell and experiences to share.  I had tales of midnight emergencies and specialist surgeries, strange cases and funny ones too (removing a pair of men’s underpants from the intestines of a dog was always tricky – sometimes the offending article did not belong to the man of the house and that was always an awkward moment).  Even my injuries were interesting, ranging from an almost fractured kneecap when I dropped an Xray box on to it, to dog bites and scalpel cuts and various other surgical mishaps.  I once almost gave myself a flip-top thumb whilst removing a scalpel blade carelessly from its holder.  Ouch.  I’ve been stabbed with needles meant for the patient (cue yet another tetanus injection for me), had a nasty case of ringworm , been left bruised and battered by over-exuberant staffies (I love them, but God almighty they’re nuts) and left scarred for life by feral cats.

I was lucky in the dog-bite category.  I only had a couple in my decade-long nursing career and even one of those was an accident :  my arm just happened to get in the way of an in-pain German Shepherd who was just snapping at the sedation injection I was giving her.  My arm blew up into one massive haematoma and I was disappointed the swelling only lasted a couple of days before I could really show it off to anyone.

With people I am a coward.  I have no courage where human beings are concerned – they scare me and I don’t understand them.  Animals?  Piece of cake.  They make sense to me and I understand them and their basic behaviours and needs.  I prided myself on being able to make friends with nasty dogs and cats alike.  And if not succeeding in becoming a bosom buddy, I could at least gain enough trust that they wouldn’t try to eat my face off.  Which is always a bonus, let’s be honest.  We did have one dog I was mortally afraid of – a Scottish Terrier named Monty.  He was nasty.  He would strike fear into all our hearts as we prayed that we would not be the one to prepare him for surgery.  I could not, whatever I tried, make him like me.  He would go for the throat if he could,  but, being only a foot or so high, would generally go for the legs and ankles.  You could not take your eye off him for a second – he would have you.  Now, you may think Oh, little scotty dogs are so cute! They couldn’t hurt anyone!, but let me tell you, my friend, how very wrong you are.  Scottish Terriers may be small but they have the tenacity and (unfortunately) jaw size of a much larger dog.  Their jaws are as powerful as a  German Shepherd and their teeth just as large.  Not fun when you combine that with the strength and killer attitude of Attila the Hun.  Of course, not all scotties are like that, but Monty, bless him, was vicious.  We always treated him well and didn’t care for him any less than we should, but we were always glad to see the back of him – hopefully with no necessary follow-up appointments.

Some of the bigger dogs were also a handful.  Bear, a particularly unpleasant Rottweiler was a bit of a nightmare.  Though not a large Rotty (thank goodness), he was still big enough to do damage and serious damage at that.  He was kept permanently muzzled – there was no other way to stay safe around him.  I was usually the one called upon to help with sedating him fro surgery, a role that meant basically sitting on him, legs straddled around his head so he couldn’t turn to bite the injector at the side of him.  Fun times.  But still, he was no competition for Monty.

Cats could also pose a problem because they were more difficult to handle if aggressive and had extra weapons (ie teeth AND claws).  You can’t successfully muzzle a cat and they are strong and feisty when upset.  And claws and teeth HURT.  AND get infected and scar.  Speed is the name of the game when dealing with cats as they get cranky pretty quickly and the longer you handle them, the more agitated they get, which is fair enough.

One charming kitty we had to deal with (not regularly, thank goodness!) was called, not very imaginatively, “Puss”.  He was, to be frank, a psycho.  So much so that his owners had to bring him in to the clinic in a hessian sack.  There was no handling of Puss.  Touch him and you would lose a finger.  I’m afraid we had to almost shut his head in a cupboard once in order to inject him with sedative…this was an accidental method – not really the ethically recommended way of doing things.  Puss lived to a comfortable old age and (thankfully for us) did not get sick very often.  He lived with an ex-clinic cat of ours, a beautiful Russian Blue called Clouseau who was as delightful as Puss was dreadful.

In amongst the day-to-day, ordinary, bread-and-butter type cases, we also had lots of interesting patients, injuries and clients:

  • The little dog who needed intricate surgery to rebuild his ribcage after it was shattered during a savage dog attack.  That was interesting enough on its own but, to add to the story, when we clipped him up to prepare for surgery, we realised he was missing an eye, and obviously had been for several years.  The owners were completely unaware and had no idea what happened to the eye.
  • The gorgeous Border Collie Max who, also injured badly in an attack, was near death and almost lost a leg (it was almost ripped clean off).  The damage to his body was so severe and extensive, that his skin began dying off and he had to undergo surgery and skin grafts almost every day to repair the wounds and regrow the skin.  He had to wear a full body stocking and be carried everywhere to toilet and eat.  He remained with us for over a month and as he got steadily happier and healthier, he became a bit of a handful.  But I think we were all glad of that – he was returning to his former self and was obviously responding well to all the care and attention.
  • The unfortunate pooch who decided jumping on a lawn mower whilst it was being used was a good idea.  He was lucky to only lose three toes.
  • The gorgeous ginger tom who was admitted with a serious case of pyothorax (a bacterial infection in the chest cavity) who had to submit to daily treatment – the insertion of a surgical “tap” so we could drain off the pus and fluid filling his chest.  The most beautiful, well-natured feline in history – he never complained, never scratched or bit anyone despite being in pain and having to undergo such unpleasant treatment every day, without anaesthetic (because it would be too risky in his condition).
  • The Koala with cataracts.
  • The canine bowel obstructions caused by swallowed bones (full-sized), tennis balls (whole), squash balls, metres of elastic, bras, socks, corn cobs and other paraphernalia.
  • The amputees and the pregnant mummies, the over-sized tumours and the late-night emergency calls to treat Fido who’d consumed entire boxes of snail pellets or birth control pills or condoms.
  • The abandoned kittens and the neglected puppies.
  • The wounded kangaroos and the injured and lost baby birds.
  • The vomiting vets (allergic to anaesthetic fumes) and the fainting nurses, the hysterical clients and the annoying ones, the men who would sob at the loss of their beloved “mate” and the children who would watch stoically as their lifelong companion fought for his or her life.

There were so many wonderful animals and the people who loved them.  I won’t go into the people who didn’t fall into this category – the neglectful ones, the down-right abusive ones and the ones who had no business owning an animal or being anywhere near one.  Cruelty to animals is something I do not understand and cannot bear.

 So I miss having tales to tell and being around animals as much as I was.  I loved my extended four-legged family and came to know some of them as well as my own pets.  I celebrated their successes and return to health and mourned their passing when the time came.  I never begrudged the blood or the muck, the endless sweeping and mopping of hairy floors or the constant changing of newspaper in the kennels.  I stood in the rain with dogs on leads, waiting patiently for a cocked leg or a dainty squat.  I welcomed newborns into the world and said goodbye to the elderly friends whose life had become a struggle and the only thing left to do was grant them peace and to do so with love and dignity.  Although euthanasia was always sad, I also looked at it as a blessing – the final loving gesture that could rid a life of pain.

 The job was stressful and, at times, difficult to deal with, but I will always remember the characters I met and the wonderful people who cared for them.  It made me hug my own animals a little bit tighter and pray for their continued good health (vet nurses are the worst – we know what can go wrong and every sign and symptom foretells death and doom).

I miss having any pets (I have never liked saying “pets” – it seems disrespectful, but “animals” seems too distant and clinical) and I hope to one day have a menagerie again.  In the meantime I pay special attention to our office dog and make friends with neighbourhood cats, watch the local waterbirds and listen intently to friends’ tales of their furry family member’s antics.  If you are lucky enough to be blessed with a four-legged, furred, feathered, scaled or hoofed friend, may you get to enjoy their company for many years and share lots of happy times together.  Give them a cuddle from me.


My Week in Pictures

My Week in Pictures

It’s been a busy week.  I haven’t had time to even think about blogging, let alone do it.  Plus, it’s been so hot and my little office where my computer lives is stifling and stuffy and ugh.  So I’ve spent as little time on the computer as possible.

I have been crafting though…I had to make some hot pink earrings for a friend at work but, as hot pink is not a colour I usually work with or like, I had difficulty finding anything in my bead stash to even start.  Which meant I had to go out and buy some more beads, of course.  I won’t show you what I made – I’m not at all happy with any of them.  It’s funny how colour choice affects your (or, at least, my) ability to make and create.  I like paler pinks – more shabby than shocking I guess.

I got them done as quickly as I could then moved on to other orders I had to complete…







…I had a go with memory wire (and managed to stab myself in the thumb with it – blood everywhere!)…


…my iron count has been a little low the last few months so I had to have an iron infusion
(look away now if you don’t like needles and hospital stuff…)…


…I went for walks…(but not as often as I should have…)…



…lots of bird watching…


…baby swans!…



I got some belated birthday gifts…including this gorgeous handbag from a friend of my Mum’s…(I don’t normally wear or use leather but as I didn’t buy it I guess it’s ok…plus it is so lovely and soft and stylish.  Sorry cows, I will still keep to my non-leather-buying values, but I’m keeping the bag…)…


…and a lovely jewellery box from (drum roll please!) TIFFANY’S!!!…



…the same lovely lady (my volunteer library assistant) gave me this beautiful gift AND  made me a take-home curry
to have for my dinner (Oh my God – so yum!).  She is too good to me…


…my penal Rem’s partner Dianne sent me a lovely Valentine’s card…
(you should check out her blog if you haven’t already – it’s great!)


…I discovered my new favourite sweet treat – frozen grapes!


I also went op-shopping and bead shopping with my Mum and bought a ridiculous amount of beads.  I think I have a problem…

Now it’s Sunday evening yet again and soon I must pack up and get ready for bed.  I am trying to get to bed before 10pm these days because I am always so tired and can never get up in the morning.  I have a busy day tomorrow – lots of meetings and a three-hour “fire suppression” training (as I am supposedly a fire warden for my building).  I’m hoping the day goes quickly and that I manage to get some things done even though I will not be at my desk.  Every week I tell myself I am going to sort my desk out and get things in order, but I never have time or anywhere to put everything.  So I just try and make all the piles of stuff look tidy.  Moving them from one place to another helps, as does shuffling them, hiding them under the desk and shoving them in the filing cabinet marked “to deal with later”.

Have a great Monday everyone – hope you are more organised than me 🙂

Workin’ up (beads) of sweat…

Workin’ up (beads) of sweat…

It was a lovely sunny day in Perth today – nice and breezy but still hot out in the sun.  I went for an early morning walk with my pal A.M. and got some exercise in (I went out to dinner last night – seriously needed to walk THAT off!).  We had a good catch up and gossip and did a fair bit of walking, working up a sweat (which is gross, let’s face it, but supposedly good).  A.M. is currently house-sharing with my soon-to-be-ex-hubby and it was good to get someone else’s perspective on living with him!  She’s in a new relationship herself and it was so nice to hear that she’s happy and doing well, being supported emotionally and looked after as she should be.  I try not to be jealous of that – mostly I am just happy she’s happy ’cause she is pretty awesome 🙂

The rest of the day was spent crafting up a storm.  I sometimes feel like my home is a sweatshop…a happy little sweatshop though!  I have lots and lots of jewellery orders to get done and I am a bit behind on them, so wanted to get lots done today to reduce my backlog a little bit.  My friend K has pages and pages of stuff ordered so I tried to knock a few of her requests off the list so she won’t be waiting too long for it all.  I feel rested and revived after a day of crafting, whether it be card-making or jewellery or anything else creative.  Just hanging out at home on my own with the stereo on, or some daggy dvds that I’ve watched a million times (it was “Cry Baby” today – love it, can’t stop humming the tunes now), restores my spirit and revitalises me, ready for the week ahead.

So…here’s what I made for K today.  She had bought a few different beads she wanted me to use so I had to incorporate them where I could.  I hope she likes what I’ve done.  Some of them were a little bit tricky as they were beads that would normally be strung rather than have a headpin through them.
For instance, these turquoise “spikes”…


…I had to create a fiddly figure-of-eight attachment for them, which had me cursing a little bit but worked in the end.  I looped the tiger tail wire through the crimping beads and clamped them in nice and tightly, snipping the rough ends off.  I then made them into earrings with some wooden beads.  I think they look ok!


Next up, I made a necklace and earring set using the beads I bought a couple of weeks ago. K had wanted some yellow beaded items to go with a bright yellow dress she has.  Hopefully she likes the yellow and orange combo!


Next on the agenda, K had given me some tiger-eye beads to use in necklaces and earrings.
I thought they would look good with wooden beads and I happened to have a couple of tiger eye beads of my own as well to help the design along…I’m pleased with the result and think it looks ok (hope K thinks the same!)



I had made a bracelet featuring black and pearl beads for K before – now she wanted a matching set of earrings and a necklace (as you do!).  So I whipped them up as quickly as possible so I could move on to the next thing.



I made a purple and black onyx pair of earrings…


…a red coral pair…


…and onyx, glass, wood and coral necklace…


…this simple pair using some multicoloured beads K provided…


…a black, shell and quartz (? I’m guessing here – K provided these hard-to-use chips…I think they’re quartz but I’m no geologist!)…


…a pair of pretty earrings using these beads K gave me.  They remind me of eyeballs or frog spawn!


…similar beads, different look with ceramic leaves added…


…and last, but not least – black, wooden and coral beaded earrings…


So I was a busy little bee today.  Feeling accomplished and satisfied that I got a lot done.  I even did my washing, walked down to buy groceries (twice – I forgot to take my purse the first time – duh!) and made dinner.  I did, however, forget that I was supposed to be working on a report for tomorrow at work – whoops!  Better get on to that now…or make a cup of tea…or another pair of earrings? 🙂

Hope you’ve had a great weekend x

Birthday Bonanza (and lots of tea!)

Birthday Bonanza (and lots of tea!)

Apologies for the lack of bloggyness.  I have been busy turning 40 and celebrating it and mourning the loss of my thirties (not really, I barely noticed their passing) and getting thoroughly spoilt by family and friends.  It’s such a tough life 🙂

On the morning of my birthday, I met with friends to have a delicious breakfast at the Witch’s Cauldron in Subiaco.  So yummy!  I always have the French Toast – it is stuffed with apple and served with strawberries, maple syrup and crème fraiche.  I could eat it for days…  My friend ‘M’ had the Blueberry Pancakes which looked amazing – they were HUGE, like, quite literally a stack of cakes on her plate.  ‘F’ had poached eggs and toast with bacon.  We all enjoyed our complementary homemade mint lemonades (so yummy – refreshing and tasty) and endless cups of tea.  I think we waddled out of there very satisfied, but groaning slightly.  ‘M’ & ‘F’ both presented me with lovely gifts – a gorgeous canister filled with Body Shop goodies and a potted succulent in a cute teapot.  Nice!

At lunchtime, I went over to my Mum’s to meet up with my best friend and her Mum.  They gave me a much-needed outdoor setting (two chairs with funky cushions and a little table, just right for tea for two!) so I can finally utilise my nice front courtyard.  My best friend also gave me a sweet little pendant from the RSPCA – very cute and just right for animal-loving me.

My cousin came by shortly after and we fortified ourselves with tea before heading out to op-shop. I needed something to wear to my high tea the following afternoon and my wardrobe, though very full, was looking decidedly uninspiring.  My cousin was also looking for something for herself (her birthday is coming up soon too) and so we parted ways at the front door of each store and met back at the change rooms and checkout.  I didn’t have much luck finding something suitable – I really wanted something pretty and girly but also for it to be something I could wear again.  I found a couple of nice dresses (and I did buy them) but they weren’t right for the high tea.  Eventually, after we had basically given up and were in dire need of a sit down and another cuppa, I saw a beautiful dress on sale in the window of a shop I wouldn’t normally go to (too rich for my blood).  I tried it on and it fit perfectly – the colour was lovely and it was just what I wanted.  Even more awesome was the fact it was reduced further in price when I got to the counter – originally $150 down to $37!  Such a bargain!  I hardly ever buy new things and even $37 is a lot to me, but it’s a heck of a lot better than $150!  I also got another dress – really pretty and floral, just so I would have a couple to choose from.  You know us girls, indecisive!

That evening, my Mum and I went to dinner with my Dad and Step-Mum.  It was a nice evening and we had a lovely meal (but I was good and didn’t have cake – in preparation for my high tea the next day).
I was pretty tired by then and glad to get home and put my feet up.

The next day I got up late (hey, I’m old now – I need my sleep!) and got ready to go to the high tea at the Pan Pacific.  For once in my life, my hair behaved itself and did exactly what I wanted it to.  Amazing!  That is an event that occurs very rarely.  I probably should have bought a lottery ticket…  My cousins picked me up (and Mum) and we all drove into the city, snagging a premium parking spot right outside the hotel (so lucky and it was free!).  I had told everyone to get there at 2pm despite the fact my booking wasn’t until 2.30pm.  I have a perpetually tardy family and I thought it best to let them think they needed to arrive earlier than they actually did.  Everyone got there on time, even my poor friend GK who had trouble finding parking (Perth on a weekend?  Forget it!).

The afternoon was lovely, spent with my family members and friends, yummy food and lots of laughs.  I had SUCH a nice time.  I got completely spoilt by everyone – such lovely gifts and cards and just general self indulgence and awesomeness.  I won’t list all the things I got, that’s a bit show-offy, but I was almost embarrassed by the amount of wonderful gifts I got.  I was just happy everyone was there – presents were a bonus!

The food was so yummy and I even let myself have some chocolate as a treat.  Come on, it was my birthday!

So many yummy things to sample!




 Getting’ full now…


 Forgot about these…I’ve still got room!


LOVE this picture! My cousin got me a gorgeous ring (gotta get it re-sized before I can wear it) of white gold and diamonds.  It’s two bands entwined together, to represent our friendship and bond 🙂

  My friends had organised a “Ten Questions” sheet for everyone to jot down memories, thoughts and favourite things about me.  These were touching and heart-warming at times but also bloody hilarious at others.  The amount of people present who didn’t actually know my date of birth was quite disturbing, considering they were at my 40th birthday party.

During the week, I had made simple little brooches for everyone and made up little thank you gifts with special teas in an envelope, tied up with raffia with the brooches as embellishment.  Gotta thank my awesome guests who made my day such a memorable event!





The restaurant presented me with this birthday platter at the end of the afternoon.  Don’t know where they thought I could fit any more food in!  I took the goodies home 🙂


My Mum and I.  Seriously, this is the only decent photo I have of us.  Ever.  We cannot pose for pictures, certainly not together – one of us is usually pulling a face or got our eyes shut.  Hopeless.  But I LOVE this one and will treasure it. 🙂




I am the luckiest girl in the world to have have had the bestest best friend in the world for nearly my whole life.  
She means the world to me 🙂
(That’s a lot of “worlds” in there…how about she means the Universe to me?)

The day was an amazing finish to a lovely weekend and I felt so loved and blessed and lucky.  I hope in another 40 year’s time I will be again celebrating with my wonderful family and friends – in fact, I wish I could turn 40 every year!  Or would that be greedy?  🙂

Bad Day

Bad Day

It’s been a long week.  Which is a bad sign when it’s only Wednesday.  Work has been frustrating and annoying and hunched-up-shoulder-stressing and I’m tired and grumpy and, frankly, over it.  Lots of unhappy people looking for new jobs and lots of managers not doing much managing, new staff not knowing what the heck they’re supposed to be doing and me, in the middle of it, wishing I was somewhere else. I was so hoping this job wouldn’t be the same as all the others I’ve had, where politics and egos get in the way of people just doing their jobs, and me doing mine.  I hate all the negative stuff.

Don’t get me wrong – I am VERY grateful for this job.  It came at a time when I needed both financial and emotional security and a place I felt I belonged.  And most of the time I do still feel that, but, sometimes, there are weeks when I would rather be just about anywhere else and get that feeling of needing to run away.  Or punch someone.

Punching someone isn’t really appropriate and I would be rubbish at it anyway (I throw like a girl so I don’t see why my punching would be any different).  Running away would be lovely except that I would be running away with nowhere to go and no job to run back to.  Which I kinda need if I am to continue paying my rent and y’know, eat food.

So, punching and running aside, I am trying to come up with some other things that will get me through the week without inflicting bodily harm on anyone including myself.  I am supposed to be on a diet, so eating cake is out (dammit!) as is consuming copious amounts of cheese or cookies.  I am not allowed to fool myself into thinking jelly beans are anti-depressants although they do have roughly the same effect on me…until I realise I’ve eaten a whole bag and then I feel depressed again and start worrying about my teeth and whether I have just given myself diabetes. So, food is out.

I could start holding up score cards as people walk past me, to comment on their outfits or general style.  I could throw bits of paper at them when they’re not looking.  I could go completely old-school and make a few “kick me” signs to stick on unsuspecting backs.  I could pretend I am on a VERY important phone conversation and speak to no one all day (I’d have to say “Uh huh” and “mm hm…” every now and then whilst holding the phone so that they believed I was actually talking to someone) or book one of the interview rooms and pretend I have a meeting.  Then take a nap.  A long one.

I could plait my hair into funky braids, tape them to the top of my head and wait to see how long it takes before anyone notices.  I could write limericks about staff members and send them out in “ALL STAFF” emails. I could go nuts and clean up my desk and tut at people who leave their coffee cups on it.  I could start reading every book in the collection and hand in a book report on each one to myself (which I will then grade harshly and make disparaging remarks in red pen all over it).  I could write a bucket list.  I could find an actual bucket and write lists about it.  I could list buckets I have known and loved.

I could give people “rubbish duty” and make them pick up any garbage outside if they talk too loudly in the library.  I could put some ropes across the library doorway and charge entry.  I would make popcorn.

I could build a fort out of library books and stick a white flag in the top.  I could sit on top of my filing cabinet and yell “You can’t make me come down!”  I could take all the dirty coffee mugs, plates and bowls people leave in the kitchen sink and smash them, greek-celebration style and eat fetta.  I could do a lunchtime poll just like in Heathers or get people to sign a petition where they think they are agreeing to banning nuclear testing or experiments on animals but really they will be signing off on purchasing me a foot-spa for under my desk.  I could walk around saying “Merry Christmas!” to people and see how many reply in kind before they realise it is actually only February.  I could write love letters to people in the organisation and sign them “Your secret admirer across the hall…” and watch the sparks (and disturbed looks) fly.

There’s lots of things I could do to get me through the week.  In reality I have to just get on with things and get over myself, be thankful I have a job and remember it is only two days until the weekend (and my birthday!).  Then I’ll have turning 40 to worry and think about instead.  Yikes.

Happy Hump Day all – hope the rest of your week is manageable, free from stress and, hopefully, leaves you in a better mood than I am in! 🙂


Op-Shopping Naughtiness

It’s been a bit of an unpleasant week.  Stressful days at work, health issues and bizarre pain problems (I am possibly the only person in the world who could strain a tendon in their foot IN THEIR SLEEP) has meant the weekend was VERY welcome.  A morning spent op-shopping was even more welcome.  I haven’t had much luck lately finding clothes and have mostly been out looking for beads and jewellery to take apart and remake into new pieces.  Yesterday, however, I was quite successful in both areas, finding some lovely jewellery items as well as some nice “new” clothes for myself.  My wardrobe is already groaning under the weight of what I already have, but, I reason with myself, I have lots of stuff I don’t wear or that is getting a bit tatty and needs to be rehomed/recycled/gotten rid of.  I kinda have a rule with myself that if I buy clothes, I have to get rid of some clothes.  I don’t always follow that rule (duh!) but I try.  Sometimes.

First up, this lovely little retro-styled cardigan/top.  It’s so cute I can hardly stand it.  It’s really lightweight, I love the
blue colour and the little scotty dog with the matching spotty buttons…


scotty dog with a bow, yo!


Then I found this nice green top/blouse.  Nice and light and I thought the detailing on
the front was kinda unusual…


Next up, this bright red/tangerine shirt dress.  Fits perfectly (buttoning-up things never do for me)
and is cool and quite nice for the office (I think).


Then, I picked up this black dress…it’s very low cut (why do they make things like that? Who’s boobs are they
modelled on? 11 year old girls?) but with a 
cami underneath it will be fine. I don’t need to frighten anyone by
letting it all hang out.  I’m 40 for God’s sake – nobody needs to see that.


The dress was brand new – still had tags on.  I got it for $8.00…$22.00 off the original price ain’t bad.
The size 12 irks me somewhat – it was pretty small and not a size 12 in anyone’s universe.


Next up (I told you it was a successful day), I found this cute little navy and white skirt
(looks kinda like shorts in the picture but it is definitely a skirt!).  Cute!  Nice and thick so will be good for Winter with tights.  


Has an embroidered pattern…


I picked up this great denim skirt for $2.00 (bargain!).  I was actually wearing the same exact skirt whilst shopping.
It is one I wear all the time so I figured why not get another one?  Especially as it is only $2.00!  It looks like a mini-skirt in the
picture, and I guess it would be on anyway with normal length legs, but I am super short and so it is quite respectable and not in the
least bit scary or inappropriate.  I might not bend over while wearing it though 🙂


As I was leaving one of the shops I saw this dress by the door.  I broke my cardinal rule and risked not trying it on… There is a
reason one has a cardinal rule, and that is to avoid purchases that are less than perfect.  The dress fit really well but has those huge armholes so it shows more than I am happy showing to the general public.  Will have to fix/change/sew extra bits on.  We will see.  Could just wear it around the house, but, let’s face it, if I’m home, I’m in pyjamas.


So, on to jewellery and beads… I found these ridiculous earrings first up.  They are about 8 inches long.  Like, seriously, who would
wear an earring that long?  But I thought it would look cool reworked as a pendant for a necklace so that’s what I’m gonna do.
Plus, two earrings means double the necklaces!  Yay!  They were actually more expensive than I would normally like
to pay…but I thought they were really different so I got them anyway.


These wooden earrings were interesting.  I think I will use them on cards though…


Love these coral-toned beads, lots of value here…


These little wooden-beaded bracelets were only 75 cents apiece…can never have enough wooden beads! 🙂


Have been looking for yellow beads everywhere…these ones were almost perfect but not quite
(I’m looking for a more buttery/ochre/mustard yellow…I’m not fussy!)


Made a couple of pieces today for my lovely library assistant who is celebrating her hubby’s 50th birthday in a month or so.  
She asked me to make something to match the dress she had bought.  It had lots of pinks and greens in its pattern so I am hoping
I matched these beads ok in the necklace and bracelet…made these this afternoon.

 IMG_4794 IMG_4795

Now it’s Sunday evening again already and time to think about getting things ready for work tomorrow.  Which means ironing (ugh) and making my lunch.  Better make some dinner too for tonight I guess (actually a bit peckish right now and as per usual have neglected to actually prepare anything to eat).  Am hoping the coming week is better than the last.  It’s my last week of being 39 – bring it on! 🙂