Op-Shopping Naughtiness

It’s been a bit of an unpleasant week.  Stressful days at work, health issues and bizarre pain problems (I am possibly the only person in the world who could strain a tendon in their foot IN THEIR SLEEP) has meant the weekend was VERY welcome.  A morning spent op-shopping was even more welcome.  I haven’t had much luck lately finding clothes and have mostly been out looking for beads and jewellery to take apart and remake into new pieces.  Yesterday, however, I was quite successful in both areas, finding some lovely jewellery items as well as some nice “new” clothes for myself.  My wardrobe is already groaning under the weight of what I already have, but, I reason with myself, I have lots of stuff I don’t wear or that is getting a bit tatty and needs to be rehomed/recycled/gotten rid of.  I kinda have a rule with myself that if I buy clothes, I have to get rid of some clothes.  I don’t always follow that rule (duh!) but I try.  Sometimes.

First up, this lovely little retro-styled cardigan/top.  It’s so cute I can hardly stand it.  It’s really lightweight, I love the
blue colour and the little scotty dog with the matching spotty buttons…


scotty dog with a bow, yo!


Then I found this nice green top/blouse.  Nice and light and I thought the detailing on
the front was kinda unusual…


Next up, this bright red/tangerine shirt dress.  Fits perfectly (buttoning-up things never do for me)
and is cool and quite nice for the office (I think).


Then, I picked up this black dress…it’s very low cut (why do they make things like that? Who’s boobs are they
modelled on? 11 year old girls?) but with a 
cami underneath it will be fine. I don’t need to frighten anyone by
letting it all hang out.  I’m 40 for God’s sake – nobody needs to see that.


The dress was brand new – still had tags on.  I got it for $8.00…$22.00 off the original price ain’t bad.
The size 12 irks me somewhat – it was pretty small and not a size 12 in anyone’s universe.


Next up (I told you it was a successful day), I found this cute little navy and white skirt
(looks kinda like shorts in the picture but it is definitely a skirt!).  Cute!  Nice and thick so will be good for Winter with tights.  


Has an embroidered pattern…


I picked up this great denim skirt for $2.00 (bargain!).  I was actually wearing the same exact skirt whilst shopping.
It is one I wear all the time so I figured why not get another one?  Especially as it is only $2.00!  It looks like a mini-skirt in the
picture, and I guess it would be on anyway with normal length legs, but I am super short and so it is quite respectable and not in the
least bit scary or inappropriate.  I might not bend over while wearing it though 🙂


As I was leaving one of the shops I saw this dress by the door.  I broke my cardinal rule and risked not trying it on… There is a
reason one has a cardinal rule, and that is to avoid purchases that are less than perfect.  The dress fit really well but has those huge armholes so it shows more than I am happy showing to the general public.  Will have to fix/change/sew extra bits on.  We will see.  Could just wear it around the house, but, let’s face it, if I’m home, I’m in pyjamas.


So, on to jewellery and beads… I found these ridiculous earrings first up.  They are about 8 inches long.  Like, seriously, who would
wear an earring that long?  But I thought it would look cool reworked as a pendant for a necklace so that’s what I’m gonna do.
Plus, two earrings means double the necklaces!  Yay!  They were actually more expensive than I would normally like
to pay…but I thought they were really different so I got them anyway.


These wooden earrings were interesting.  I think I will use them on cards though…


Love these coral-toned beads, lots of value here…


These little wooden-beaded bracelets were only 75 cents apiece…can never have enough wooden beads! 🙂


Have been looking for yellow beads everywhere…these ones were almost perfect but not quite
(I’m looking for a more buttery/ochre/mustard yellow…I’m not fussy!)


Made a couple of pieces today for my lovely library assistant who is celebrating her hubby’s 50th birthday in a month or so.  
She asked me to make something to match the dress she had bought.  It had lots of pinks and greens in its pattern so I am hoping
I matched these beads ok in the necklace and bracelet…made these this afternoon.

 IMG_4794 IMG_4795

Now it’s Sunday evening again already and time to think about getting things ready for work tomorrow.  Which means ironing (ugh) and making my lunch.  Better make some dinner too for tonight I guess (actually a bit peckish right now and as per usual have neglected to actually prepare anything to eat).  Am hoping the coming week is better than the last.  It’s my last week of being 39 – bring it on! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Op-Shopping Naughtiness

  1. What a haul of great items! The tangerine dress is fantastic, the Scotty-Dog cardi is wonderful. I’m plus-sized and rarely find anything that fits and don’t have the patience to keep looking. Your jewelry finds are good too – I like the coral color beads (though not the pendant with them). Score!

    1. It was a particularly successful day 🙂 I like the “hunt”. I very rarely buy in “proper” stores because I just find the quality is so poor and the prices so dear. I’m also the kind of body type that doesn’t suit a lot of what is in fashion (which is basically designed for flat-chested 12 year olds with no hips) and more often than not, the “in” colours don’t suit me either. I don’t like to be a slave to what’s in fashion and would rather be able to pick out what I like and what suits me.
      I don’t like the pendant with the necklace either – way too big, but I guess someone likes them!
      Thanks for commenting 🙂

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