Painted Wooden Brooches

Painted Wooden Brooches

Hi all.  My last post was a bit depressing so here’s something a little brighter.  I painted these little wooden brooches this week (well, they will be brooches when I varnish and attach a brooch back to them!).  I wanted to do something a little bit different to my usual jewellery-making and cards.  I’m am not a dab-hand at painting.  I am too clumsy and have horribly unsteady hands but I always seem to end up doing tiny things which require great precision and attention to detail.  Nevermind, I was quite happy with these, if only because they brightened my mood and kept my brain calm and occupied for a little while (the big black dog has been following me around mercilessly this month and I am retreating further and further in to my shell, emotional-eating like a woman possessed, worrying incessantly about things and just generally being moody and sad).  There are a few errant “blobs” here and there (not noticed until the paint had dried and I’d taken photos of them).  Still, I enjoyed painting as a change and made use of these funny little wooden off-cuts that I had had for years.
I might make a couple of the smaller pieces into pendants too.

What do you think?  Be kind – I am delicate and fragile right now, prone to messy weeping and unattractive fits of self-pity.

Going to the big annual charity book sale tomorrow with Mum (as it is a public holiday here).  Oh, the joy of books!  I hope to come home with a bursting trolley of titles, maybe a few non-fiction goodies (craft and gardening books) as well as some foreign language books (for collage and cutting up).

Hope your weekend has been happy 🙂






5 thoughts on “Painted Wooden Brooches

  1. First – your Planet Earth post was beautifully written, even if it was not exactly upbeat. I can only wish the same for you that you ended your post with. Turn off the news, get busy with things that allow you to forget about the nastiness that exists in the world and focus on the good stuff. Yes, there IS good stuff (look in a mirror, my friend) and good people doing good things.

    Second – I like your dotty little brooches. My theory about paint blobs is: if you didn’t notice them until after you took a photo, they are very likely unnoticed by the rest of us, looking with much less critical lenses. The top two are my favorites. Cheerful and sweet with about being sticky sweet, if that makes sense.

    1. Thank you – I was certainly feeling down that day. I normally always feel there is hope. Even if there’s only one good person in the world, there is hope. But sometimes it is all overwhelming and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight with regard to all the misery in the world.
      I like my dotty brooches too. They got progressively worse as the night wore on. I did some more VERY late at night and looked at them first thing in the morning and just thought “Bleechh!” I like the blue ones the best 🙂

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