Oh Christmas Tree! (Made of Scraps)

Oh Christmas Tree! (Made of Scraps)

Another quickie post about a card I made this weekend.  As per usual, I spent all day making cards I wasn’t happy with and then inspiration struck when it was time to down tools and get ready for bed.  Sigh.  Why do I always get inspired the nearer it gets to midnight?  It is NOT helpful!  Anyway, after looking around on Pinterest for simple ideas for cards, I found a few using this method.  It’s a good way to use up scraps of ribbon (or strips of fabric) and is fairly quick to do.  The hardest part is finding coordinating pieces – I am fussy with that stuff and can literally take hours to find the right button/paper/ribbon/embellishment.

For this card, you need a twig (or skewer, broken down to the length you want) and different ribbons – the widths and colours are up to you but it’s best to go for a wider ribbon (at the bottom of the “tree”) and gradually work up to smaller widths as you near the top of the tree.  I used greens and golds and goldy-greens on this one.  I also made a red-themed one but it didn’t look so hot, so I’m not going to show you that one ha ha.  I found that tying the ribbon into a double knot helped to keep it straight, but you can fix things a little when you adhere it to the card.  I used double-sided tape to help stick the ribbon in place on the base card (buckling it a bit so it looked like it was “flowy” rather than just stuck flat) and a little bit of glue on the stick itself if necessary.  A gold star brad was glued to the top (I cut the “legs” of the brad off first.  Are they called legs?  I don’t know… Pins? The bits that normally stick through whatever you’re attaching the brad to!).  Oh, and before attaching the tree, I had used a rub-on sentiment at the bottom of the card but you could obviously use a stamp or stickers or hand write a sentiment.  That’s it – really easy and I think it looks pretty and festive.  I will be making some more, definitely.

Hope you have had a good start to the week 🙂



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