It all Fell Apart with a Nap

It all Fell Apart with a Nap

I was so determined to craft like a mad thing today and then clear up my house.  My crafting has spread from one room to another and I am ashamed to let anyone see my home.  I have covered every surface in patterned papers, ribbon, buttons and glue.  There are stamp pads on my kitchen bench and bundles of lace in the lounge room, beads on the carpet (that’s nothing new) and ink stains on my dining room table.  It’s a mess.  I’m a mess.  I got my ironing board out in the week to actually attempt some ironing.  The ironing board is now also covered in cards and paper, ribbons and well, you get the idea. Hopeless.  I am failing as an adult on so many levels yet again.  My determination to tidy up was overcome by my body’s exhaustion.  I have been so tired this week and today by body and brain just went “Nup, we need rest and we’re gonna have it NOW…”  I sat on the couch for a 5 minute break while I brewed a cuppa and, three hours later, woke up, groggy and with a serious case of cushion face.

But I feel better.  Sure, guilty about not tidying up yet again, but rested and renewed.  At least a little bit.  A sneaky nap does wonders.  A sneaky three-hour nap does tremendous wonders.  I blame my new couch – it is comfy and easy to stretch out on and even easier to fall asleep on (as I have done many times in the last month).  I also blame late nights (my fault) and stress at work (don’t get me started on whose fault that is!) and not eating properly or exercising at all.  Lots of reasons.  Not least of which is the stress of going through a divorce.  But I’m trying not to let that last reason be THE reason for everything that doesn’t work out, or frustrates me or drives me nutty.

Before falling asleep, I did manage to make a few cards.  I have seriously lost my card-making mojo.  I’ve said that before but it is starting to really bother me now.  I just have trouble getting anything to look right (at least to my eyes) and I want to be able to make cards quickly but it always takes me AGES.  Anyway, here’s a selection I finished today ;


1.  I really like this pastel-coloured card.  I think I sometimes have trouble with Xmas cards because I don’t like the general, traditional colour scheme of red, green and white.  I don’t think this card will be especially hardy, with its tiny dried flowers so I’m going to keep it aside and safe until Christmas – it will be a Mum card (she’ll love it and protect it!).


2. I was quite happy with this card and it came together fairly quickly (well, quick for me!).


3. This is a similar card in the layered style.  Still not sure about the gingham ribbon but it is staying there now!


4. Not at all sure about this card.  I was losing the plot at this stage and about to fall asleep.  Still, it is finished and will have to do for now.  I have to stop being so bloody fussy!  I don’t use my rubber stamps very often and I was trying to give them a bit of an outing today and utilise them.  I like the silhouette style of these Xmas ones – nice crisp images.

So, not a completely wasted day.  I made some cards, did my laundry (which reminds me, I have to re-make my bed – Ugh!  Why do I always leave it until the last minute?) and had a long nap which I’m sure my body and spirit will thank me for. I have to be at work early tomorrow and I must get to bed early and try and sleep so I’m not rushing in the morning.

I hope your weekend has been fruitful and fun, lazy and luxurious or whatever you wanted it to be.
Have a lovely week x

4 thoughts on “It all Fell Apart with a Nap

    1. Thank you! That makes me feel better ha ha! I’m my toughest critic. I do like the little girl/angel card though I must admit 🙂

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