All Things Vintage Car Boot Sale

All Things Vintage Car Boot Sale

A couple of weekends ago, Mum and I attended a vintage market in the hills.   So many treasures and things to look at!  It was very windy and many stalls were in danger of being blown away (literally – it nearly happened a couple of times) which was a bit worrying with all the breakables and china.  A few vintage dresses went flying across the oval, their frantic sellers chasing after them.  Anyway, here are a few pics from the day:


Loved this hot air balloon.  Wish I had bought it… I have no idea what it was for – it opened up to reveal a section inside which appeared to be for holding eggs!  Not sure about that though…

  IMG_8274Lots of lovely blue and white china…


Trillions of trios!


My Mum was eyeing off these old posts.  They were gorgeous but very pricey, so we had to leave them and walk away (sadly, and with a wistful look on our faces)…



IMG_8272 IMG_8273 IMG_8275

All kinds of treasures!


My find for the day came early on and I was so thrilled to get it : this gorgeous old doll house (looks Georgian in architectural design but is not actually that old), unfinished and in need of some TLC.  A lick of paint and some gentle distressing and I think this little beauty will be a welcome addition to my home.  I’m going to use it either as storage in my craft room, or as a spice/tea cabinet in the kitchen.  It’s quite large but sits happily on my bench and will save space because of all the things I can fit inside it.  I think I will “wallpaper” the inside “walls” as well to add a bit of colour and interest.  Love it!  It was only $20 – I didn’t even bother haggling!  It’s very well made and has lots of fine detail, with spaces inside for what would have been staircases (the gentleman who was constructing it didn’t finish unfortunately) and the front opens up like a door, giving you access to the “rooms” inside.  I was very happy with my purchase 🙂


My Georgian Mansion!

I love a good market, car boot sale or swap meet.  So much fun!  And you can pick up such great bargains.

Can’t wait for the next one! 🙂


Because sometimes you need to put a hat on a bird…

Because sometimes you need to put a hat on a bird…

Happy Sunday!  I have been crafting all day, making a lovely mess and trying not to get too discouraged with the less-than-inspiring work I am producing.  There’s that awesome self-esteem of mine again!  Actually, I am trying to just be content with the fact I made anything today and holding on to that as a small victory (my creative oomph has been rather oomph-less lately).  I am having a small market stall at a local vintage and craft market next month (eek – time is flying by!) and I want to have lots of different things on it to attract different people.  I’ll have jewellery and cards plus some sewn/embroidered items my Mum is providing.  Her stuff always adds a touch of class and professionalism to my amateurish offerings
*slaps wrist for bad self-esteem again*

I have been making cards for the last couple of weeks because I haven’t got a lot in stock at the moment, having sold them all (or used them myself) before Christmas.  I’ve been trying to use up what papers I have, using colours and designs I might not usually go for.  It’s hard – you can easily get stuck in a rut where colour and design are concerned.  I am also a bit obsessed with my speckled eggs, wings and hats.  I always want to put a hat on a bird.  It just seems right to me.  Maybe it makes it more quirky and less serious?  I don’t know.  But sometimes you just need to put a hat on a bird.  Or wings on an egg.  Etc etc.  A bit of whimsy goes a long way I say.  Or it just really annoys people and they walk away poo-poohing your creations.  That’s ok too.

Anyway – here is what I have made today :


1. A simple, more masculine card with rusty colours and not much fussiness…


2. Bird with hat.  Need I say more?


3. Another slightly more masculine card.


4. Crowns and wings on eggs.  Why not?


5. Bird and hat and diamantes and braid. Pink and girly and just a bit silly.


6. I wasn’t at all pleased with this card but I think it’s ok now.  I guess it’s not horrible

So, a few cards made but lots to go.  My house is a complete shambles at the moment – stuff everywhere.  But I do not have time to feel guilty about it just now.  Today I just enjoyed being quiet and busy (but a nice kind of busy) alone with my own thoughts, some music and plenty of tea.  Life has been stressful and complicated just lately and I needed a recharge day, away from everyone and everything.  Back to work tomorrow but I will be wishing for the end of the week to come quickly so I can have another crafty day to myself.

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend, whatever you are up to 🙂

Close Encounter

Close Encounter

Just a really quick post today… We had a different kind of visitor in the library last week – another bobtail!  They are so lovely 🙂 This little guy decided to check out the library (I think he came in to get cool but then he was laying in a sunny spot by the window so he may have been a little bit confused!) and I always attempt to catch them (I can’t help myself) if it can be done quickly and with as little stress to them as possible.  It’s better than having them running all over the place, frightening the not-so-reptile-friendly people in the building.  This one was very placid and I caught him easily – I think he must have been quite cool as he was slow and not particularly bothered by me handling him.  No hissing or aggression displays (no sign of that lovely blue tongue!) and not struggling either.  I wasn’t holding him very tight – he seemed fairly docile and not stressed.  I showed a few people (the ones I knew wouldn’t squeal) and then let him go into the bushland next door, away from cars and people.

You can’t see him very well in this picture (and I’ve been told I look way too pleased with myself) but he was a fairly big specimen, very healthy-looking with no ticks or scars.  Very handsome! (Or beautiful – I don’t claim to be able to tell the sex of these critters) If you’re not sure of what a bobtail looks like, check out my other post on a previous visitor HERE

Ah, Australia – you never know what you’re going to encounter next, even in the workplace 🙂


Good Friends are Hard to Find

Good Friends are Hard to Find

Hello everyone and Happy Monday!  I say that with more enthusiasm than I am actually feeling (Mondays not being my favourite day of the week) but at least it is the end of the day and not the beginning.  Mondays should be short and sweet – over and done with as quickly as possible.  Today I spent the whole day at our other work place (our organisation is split into two) and got LOTS of work done.  I am always getting interrupted and disrupted at my usual place of work (the library), and while I don’t mind that most of the time, it does mean I fall behind in my work sometimes and need a quiet day to get things done.  So I have asked to spend one day a week at our administration offices – tucked away in a corner I ploughed through my accounts (5 months overdue), research reports (not overdue but getting close to being due) and other projects which I had been putting off.  It was also nice to see everyone as I don’t always get to interact with all the staff now and I miss their smiling faces.  I will be glad to go back to my own desk tomorrow and start fresh, not burdened by all the “to do” lists I had piling up.

I had a lovely weekend.  On Saturday night I had a small group of my ex-public-library friends come over for a movie night and munchies.  We all bring a dish and it is so nice to sit around eating good food (we try to aim for healthy stuff) and catching up.  They are what I call my “vintage” friends.  They don’t know this 🙂  What I mean by it is they are the good, old-fashioned kind of friends that make your world a happier place.  They are modern girls and much younger than me, the old fuddy-duddy in her forties, but they have VALUES and charm and wonderful hearts.  They are proactive and technology-savvy, not remotely prudish or old-fashioned at all, but they have a certain grace and old-school sensibility about them.  They prefer older homes with quirky details, rather than the brand-new, cold and style-less modern homes currently springing up across our suburbs.  They re-use and recycle, filling their abodes with vintage or pre-loved pieces that sit happily next to their very modern computers and home entertainment systems. But, aside from all this, the one thing that makes them so dear to me is their acceptance of me.  I am older than them, by some 10-15 years and I have grown up in a different world in many ways ( I remember the 70s – they do not).  I didn’t have computers as a child nor the technology that they regard as everyday items.  I’m not outgoing or particularly political – I don’t have strong views on many things (mostly because I am hopeless at trusting my own instincts and can’t make a decision to save my life) – and I am probably frustratingly dull in many ways, but they welcome and accept me among their group.  I am so very grateful for that.  On Saturday, I thanked them all for their support and understanding when my marriage broke up.  I was not always easy to be around and I know I used them as sounding boards and shoulders to cry on, more times than I perhaps should have done.  Bu they never judged me – and if they did, they kept it to themselves – and never sought to distance themselves from me.  This, in itself, was a blessing to me, because they were mutual friends with my husband.  They supported me, without taking sides and made me feel less lonely and unwanted, at a times when it was hard to feel anything else.  They have since taken sides (mine, fortunately), but I am grateful that the subject is never brought up (unless by me) and I am never made to feel like I am less worthy of their friendship or that I am in some way “poisonous” to the relationships they themselves are in.

But I am lucky with all my friends.  Lucky, lucky, lucky.  Blessed.  I have never wanted for friends and have been fortunate enough to hold on to many friendships for my whole life.  When times seem rough, I try to remember that fact.  In this fast-paced world where everything is throw-away and not meant to last, I am so very glad I can count on my friends.  There is nothing better in life than that.  So, thank you to my “vintage” friends.  And my long-term friends and my life-long friends.  And even to the short-term friends – some people are meant to be in your life for only a short while, but that doesn’t make them any less important.  People come and go and we should be grateful for any time spent in the company of a kindred spirit.

So, that’s my soppy post for today.  I hope your life is filled with good people and people who are good to you 🙂


Cards & Kids

Cards & Kids

A busy weekend this week.  A public holiday today (due to it being Labour Day here in Western Australia) so it was a long weekend.  Never long enough in my opinion but unless I become Prime Minister (which is fairly unlikely at this point in time), there’s not much I can do to change that!  Yesterday my Mum and I babysat my four nephews and nieces as my brother and sister-in-law had a wedding to attend.  My poor brother had had a fall earlier in the day, badly bruising his ribs, neck and leg so we were a bit worried he might need to visit the hospital – but he is ok (just very sore and battered).


(This is Nanna by Miss Four-and-a-half)

I love the the little rugrats.  They are full on and energetic, feisty and so, so smart (too smart for their own good sometimes) but I love them dearly.  We did some drawing and colouring-in, played a makeshift game of tennis (which ended badly with Master Six getting hit in the head with a racquet), rode bikes furiously around the backyard (in a game I like to call “Let’s See How Much We Can Make Auntie Panic and Cover Her Eyes a Lot” ) and watched some DVDs.  And Ate.  A lot.  You cannot fill those little bellies up.  Which is preferable to them not eating at all but, still, it is a never-ending job.  Little Miss A (who is now walking and developing her personality and adventurous spirit) was an absolute delight, happily going off to have not one, but two, naps throughout the day, eating all her lunch and afternoon snack and playing peacefully with Nanna, with never a tear or upset over anything. I love spending time with them all.  Giving them back at the end of the day is a relief though.  I don’t know how their Mum does it all day, every day.  I’d be exhausted.  As it is, my back is killing me from carrying Miss Four-and-a-Half around.  She’s too old to be carried and I know I shouldn’t pick her up, but when that little face is asking for a cuddle, how can you refuse?  The cuddly/carry-me stage is over so quickly, I put up with any subsequent pain that results!

IMG_8082 IMG_8084 IMG_8083 IMG_8085

Today, attempting to ignore my bad back, I crafted for most of the day, making cards.  I have put my name down to have a stall at a local arts and craft market and I only have a couple of months to get things made.  I want to have a range of things so there’s lots for people to look at.  I was given a big box of craft goodies from the children’s Mum last night – with four kids on the go, she doesn’t get time to craft as much as she would like so, instead of wasting her supplies, she gave much of it to me!  yay!  I used one of the rubber stamps today to make these cards:



I also finished off a few I had already started – just simple little “girly” cards with simple embellishments and colour combinations.  I am trying to get quicker at making cards – I am so slow!  It takes me forever to find the right button or piece of ribbon.  I agonise over the tiniest detail – it’s crazy.  But I finished a few off today that I am reasonably happy with:




Now the weekend is done.  I am hoping my back will be better tomorrow and that I have a stress-free day (stress is the WORST thing for my back and neck) at work.  I need to go walking in the afternoon – I’ve been so slack lately and am eating way too much comfort food – and I should take advantage of the good weather while we have it.

Hope your weekend has been sunny, inside and out 🙂


(Got this cute cushion from my brother and sister-in-law as a belated birthday gift.  So sweet and cheery!)