Boyanup Skies

Boyanup Skies

Just a very quick post today….

Hope you all had a lovely Easter.  Mine was spent with my family at my Dad and Stepmother’s property in Boyanup (about  2.5 hours drive away from my home).  My brother and his partner, and their four gorgeous kiddies joined us on Saturday, but, before that, my Mum and I got to relax, go for leisurely walks, and take in the views and the beautiful night sky.  There are barely any mosquitoes there – no stagnant water in the Summer means nowhere for baby mozzies to hatch.  In Winter, the property has lots of water holes and wetlands, but the water is running and stays clean – again, no place for mozzies to breed successfully.  Bliss for me because I am a mosquito magnet – they love me!

Anyway, I took a couple of badly lit photos the first night we were there – isn’t the sky gorgeous?  I wish I had a decent camera to take better shots of the moon too…

IMG_1513 IMG_1519 IMG_1509 IMG_1506 IMG_1500

Happy Easter all!  x


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