Sometimes creativity is a little bit…elusive.

Sometimes creativity is a little bit…elusive.

On the weekend I tried desperately to have one solid day of crafting when we got back from Boyanup. I have my craft stall coming up and I am nowhere near ready.  I wanted to have a decent amount of cards, as well as jewellery, but so far I am very jewellery-heavy and light on cards.  So I was determined to get some done.  But I am so SLOW when it comes to card-making.  I can’t just slap them together.  I can take hours looking for the right button or embellishment.  So I tried to get these ones done quickly and without fussing too much.  Sometimes creativity and speed do not go hand-in-hand.  Sometimes I fail in both departments.  I was reasonably satisfied with these three but they weren’t up to my usual standard (in my mind anyway).

What do you think?


Ah, wings and eggs and crowns…I can’t stop doing these!  But I had to colour the wings myself so they would match a bit better – I am running out of butterflies in the right colours!


…Was not happy with this one at all and kept fiddling with it.  In the end I don’t mind it so much now…it’s ok.


This one started out promisingly but didn’t go where I wanted it to.  Still, it turned out alright I guess.
Still has wings and a hat though!

I hope creativity and happiness have filled your day today 🙂

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