Nature in Autumn is such a show off.  It’s like it brings out its showiest frocks before it has to hunker down in sensible, warm attire.  I’ve never noticed before how pretty my street is in Autumn.  Where have I been?!  Such beautiful colours!  Typical of me to notice it just as it is about to turn into Winter (ugh!) but I suppose it is better late than never.

Hope you are somewhere beautiful in your little corner of the world today x







Dawdling and Doodling…and boobs.

Dawdling and Doodling…and boobs.

Just a bit of doodling and painting (when I should be cleaning and ironing…).  I’ve had a rotten month of lurgies and injuries, stress and strife, so a weekend spent doing not much is in order.  I done my laundry and even cleared up the kitchen, which was in danger of collapsing under the weight of not-done washing up, and now I’m about to toddle off for a brisk walk in the remaining sunshine of the day.  A strained back and neck have meant I’m not up to much else, exercise-wise, and my poorly neglected garden will have to wait, yet again.

One thing I should mention is that I had a mammogram this week.  My first ever.  I approached it with some trepidation but decided that it could well be something that saves my life, so I should approach it with as much positivity as possible.  I have to say, if you’ve been putting it off, DO go and get it done.  It’s not as awful as you may think.  Sure, it’s uncomfortable and not the kind of thing you would choose to do for fun, but it is quick and easy and something you should make the time for.  I am younger than the usual “prescribed” age for a mammogram but as I am having some surgery later in the year, my surgeon wanted to make sure everything was hunky-dory in boob land.  And, thankfully, my results showed no nasties and I was given the all-clear to have surgery (more on that later).

As women, we tend to have to have no-very-pleasant health checks and I think many of us fear the mammogram unnecessarily.  But, honestly, I am not the bravest of individuals – if I can go and get one, so can you.  The entire procedure takes barely 15 minutes from start to finish and the actual time spent being “squished” is mere seconds.  If you get a nice technician (which I did, thank goodness!) the experience is made all the more pleasant, or at least bearable.

So, here endeth the public service announcement from moi.  Mammograms – not as scary as you might have been led to believe.  Less fun than a day at the beach, but infinitely more enjoyable than a maths exam or having a tooth extracted.  I am glad that I have had one now, because I will not dread it the next time and can put my friend’s minds at ease, should they be next to have one.  Just remember, it could save your life and a little bit of discomfort is definitely worth that.

Hope you are all having a lovely Saturday – I am off for my walk, taking my “girls” with me.






Still wishing…

Still wishing…

I wish I wasn’t scared of people.

I wish I could make decisions without second-guessing myself.

I wish I knew what I wanted to be when I grow up.

I wish I knew if there really is a heaven.  But I only want to know that there is a heaven.  Otherwise I’d wish for ignorance.

I wish I had lighter heart.

I wish I was a better person.

I wish life came with a manual.

I wish I could stand up for myself.

I wish I could start over.

I wish I could learn to be ok with saying no without having to apologise.

I wish I could just be happy with the way things are.

I wish I knew how to be a good wife.

I wish…for the wishing to stop and the doing to begin.

I wish I knew how to do that.




A cold, wet and stormy day today.  Best to stay inside and keep dry and warm. It’s thundering and raining and blowing a gale.  I would like to bake cookies and eat the whole batch, drink eighteen cups of tea and watch TV shows about people who spend millions of dollars restoring old buildings.  It’s THAT sort of day.

I’ve tried very hard to be creative and artistic this afternoon. Have succeeded in making a mess and one sad little Chickadee card which took me far longer than it should have. But for some reason he makes me smile and that will have to do for today.


Back to work tomorrow – am trying not to think about it.  Thinking about it makes me depressed and that doesn’t help the creative process (I’m not Van Gogh after all).  Sigh.

If only workdays could be split up into sessions, like in school.  Or, better still, like in kindergarten, then you could have a nap in the afternoon!  I’d probably look forward to recess and play-lunch too… “Free study” period would be a problem because I would probably waste it trying to decide what to do and then it would be time to pack up.  I wouldn’t nominate to do P.E because, pfft, I didn’t want to do that in proper school, why would I do it now when things are even wobblier and wheezier than they were back then?  Home time would be awesome – I’ve always thought there should be a bell or siren or something to signify the end of the day so you could rush to cram all your stuff in your bag and race out the door yelling “Whoooooooo!” or something.  I don’t know how my boss now would react to that…he thinks I’m weird already.

So, tomorrow, I shall try and break the day up into modules.  It might help the time pass more quickly.  I can swap my lunch with someone and copy my neighbour’s work.  I can keep putting my hand up and asking people if I can go to the bathroom.  I can run around and split my knee open and ask to be taken to the nurse while my friends cluster around me looking nervous because I’ve gone a weird colour.

It’s worth a try.  Do you have ways of making your workday go faster?

Have a good week everyone 🙂

Experimenting with Colour and Design

Experimenting with Colour and Design

Still suffering with a lurgy of unknown name and origin.  I have been to the doctor now, mainly because I developed a rash on top of the other symptoms (eg sore throat, fever etc) and she took some swabs of my throat and nose (yes, I even managed to get some weird bacterial infection in my nostril!) and prescribed me a million drugs, ointments and creams.  I await the results of the swabs… I don’t feel too bad – just a bit weary and “off” but I wish the sore throat would go away and the horrible rash – it’s gross and itchy!

Needless to say, I haven’t felt like doing much at all but I hate sitting about wasting time.  So I’ve doodled a bit and painted a bit and basically just played around with ideas and designs.  I’m still enjoying the watercolours with varying degrees of success!  I’ve tried them on different papers and backgrounds for different effects and I am happy with some of the results.  I’ll keep experimenting!  Below are a few examples of what I’ve been doing.  I like the flowers – they’ve turned out quite effective and the little notecards I made with them are (I think) quite sweet.

I hope to get well soon and sort my creative brain out.  It’s taking a bit of a holiday right now.

Stay well friends! 🙂

IMG_8758 IMG_8765 IMG_8764 IMG_8770 IMG_8772 IMG_8752

IMG_8776 IMG_8773

Leapin’ Lizards & Lurgies

Leapin’ Lizards & Lurgies

I am suffering from a horrible sore-throat lurgy this week.  I’ve had two days off work and haven’t accomplished very much at all, although I did attempt some more painting on the weekend before giving up and relegating myself to the couch and bad day time TV.  Shame, as the weather was lovely (though cool) and the sun was shining.  I did manage to get a few shots of the local skink population in my garden having a grand old time in the sun, catching bugs and soaking up the rays.

They are gorgeous little critters (generally 5-15cms) – shiny and sleek and so perfect with their little miniature scales and dark eyes.  Some of my friends don’t agree, but I think they are wonderful and fascinating.  I read up on them in the week (when I was busy doing nothing but sniffling and feeling sorry for myself) and found out a few facts I did not know:

  1. The common name for these little guys that are found everywhere in Australia is Fence Skink (or Wall Skink) – basically because they are usually found sunning themselves on outside walls and fences!
  2. They lay clutches of about 5 eggs and often have them in communal nests with other skinks.  The ideal spot is somewhere warm, dark and moist eg under logs, in damp garden beds etc. 
  3. The eggs resemble perfect miniature chicken eggs.  They are soft and leathery and become enlarged as they absorb moisture from the surrounding soil.

Now I am a bit obsessed about finding a skink nest but it is pretty unlikely.  I’ve never seen one before…but then I guess I wasn’t looking for one!  I am a bit paranoid about disturbing one now or accidentally digging one up so I will be extra careful in the garden from now on.

I really enjoyed capturing these guys on film – they were quite willing participants, all things considered.  Normally shy and timid, they kept quite still and didn’t run and hide which was lovely as I got to get up close to them.  I think the sun was just too gorgeous for them to want to hide away.


Beautiful eyes!


So many colour variations!



This little guy was very bolshy and jumped down (he actually landed with quite a thud) to where I was standing in order to catch a spider right I front of me.  I don’t think he could have cared less that I was there – he just wanted his lunch! 🙂




This tiny little fellow was so shiny and handsome.  He was only about 3cm long so I think he was a new hatchling.  I nearly trod on him as he was so tiny and blended in with his surroundings.  Beautiful though.

Hope you enjoyed seeing a few of my fabulous garden friends – I love having them around 🙂

Change of Direction

Change of Direction

Happy Monday everyone!  Well, let’s at least try to pretend a Monday can be happy, despite it being, well, a Monday.

Tried my hand at some water-colour painting on the weekend.  I have given up trying to find the right markers for my little cards.  They obviously have changed the formulation over the years and the ones I previously used are no longer available, or legal, or safe for human use.  I haven’t decided which of those scenarios is the most likely.  It doesn’t matter now as I have found that my water-colour technique doesn’t suck quite as badly as I had feared.  My first couple of attempts were a bit dodgy, but I got better as I went along and I am quite pleased with my little people.  I like the paler finish and range of colour I can get.  I do not have a very steady hand (I blame this on the meningitis but, really, I am just a wobbly shaker and have all the steadiness of a, well, wobbly shaky thing) but I managed to not make too many boo-boos and stay within the lines.  Hopefully I will improve as I go along. 

I’m really enjoying drawing and painting.  While I do not have the artistic awesomeness and talent of my Mum and brother, I think I have developed my own funny little style.  It’s more satisfying than making the jewellery (which I do enjoy but it’s really just bunging a few beads on to something, let’s face it.  I mean, I didn’t make the beads…) and I feel like it’s more me.

I’m thinking of maybe doing a drawing class, just to gain some more skills and learn the basics re anatomy etc.  So that my little figures look correct, even if they are funny and cartoony etc.  I wish I could do eyes, but I am getting around that by doing mine closed so I don’t have to worry about ruining a drawing with weird, spooky or psycho eyeballs. 

I’m trying so hard this year to be comfortable with me and my own talents, modest as they may be.  I have always compared myself with my Mum and brother, both of whom are amazing artists and can do just about anything – painting, drawing, sewing, sculpture, you name it –  but I have to stop doing that.  We’re different people and maybe I have some skills that they don’t have.  But I haven’t discovered any yet so I keep trying…

Anyway, it is always fun trying something new, creatively-speaking, and all I wanted to do today was get home and start painting again!  Instead I had to be at work, writing a research report on amino acids, beta-amyloid and gluthathione.  So fascinating…not!  But I finished the report plus got halfway through another by the the end of the day and even got stuck into some overdue notices.  I know, right? I am living the dream!  Whoever said librarians don’t have exciting jobs eh? 🙂

So, now at home, I am contemplating picking up the paintbrush again, but it is so cold and miserable that all I want to do is snuggle up on the couch, watch My Kitchen Rules and eat something warm and comforting.  So my little people might have to wait another night to get some colour on them.

Hope your day was happy 🙂



The last little poppet I shall ever colour with marker pens (most likely) *wipes away tear*


She joins her bright sisters in welcoming…


…the new and improved version in water-colour!


I love water-colour THIS much! ❤