Change of Direction

Change of Direction

Happy Monday everyone!  Well, let’s at least try to pretend a Monday can be happy, despite it being, well, a Monday.

Tried my hand at some water-colour painting on the weekend.  I have given up trying to find the right markers for my little cards.  They obviously have changed the formulation over the years and the ones I previously used are no longer available, or legal, or safe for human use.  I haven’t decided which of those scenarios is the most likely.  It doesn’t matter now as I have found that my water-colour technique doesn’t suck quite as badly as I had feared.  My first couple of attempts were a bit dodgy, but I got better as I went along and I am quite pleased with my little people.  I like the paler finish and range of colour I can get.  I do not have a very steady hand (I blame this on the meningitis but, really, I am just a wobbly shaker and have all the steadiness of a, well, wobbly shaky thing) but I managed to not make too many boo-boos and stay within the lines.  Hopefully I will improve as I go along. 

I’m really enjoying drawing and painting.  While I do not have the artistic awesomeness and talent of my Mum and brother, I think I have developed my own funny little style.  It’s more satisfying than making the jewellery (which I do enjoy but it’s really just bunging a few beads on to something, let’s face it.  I mean, I didn’t make the beads…) and I feel like it’s more me.

I’m thinking of maybe doing a drawing class, just to gain some more skills and learn the basics re anatomy etc.  So that my little figures look correct, even if they are funny and cartoony etc.  I wish I could do eyes, but I am getting around that by doing mine closed so I don’t have to worry about ruining a drawing with weird, spooky or psycho eyeballs. 

I’m trying so hard this year to be comfortable with me and my own talents, modest as they may be.  I have always compared myself with my Mum and brother, both of whom are amazing artists and can do just about anything – painting, drawing, sewing, sculpture, you name it –  but I have to stop doing that.  We’re different people and maybe I have some skills that they don’t have.  But I haven’t discovered any yet so I keep trying…

Anyway, it is always fun trying something new, creatively-speaking, and all I wanted to do today was get home and start painting again!  Instead I had to be at work, writing a research report on amino acids, beta-amyloid and gluthathione.  So fascinating…not!  But I finished the report plus got halfway through another by the the end of the day and even got stuck into some overdue notices.  I know, right? I am living the dream!  Whoever said librarians don’t have exciting jobs eh? 🙂

So, now at home, I am contemplating picking up the paintbrush again, but it is so cold and miserable that all I want to do is snuggle up on the couch, watch My Kitchen Rules and eat something warm and comforting.  So my little people might have to wait another night to get some colour on them.

Hope your day was happy 🙂



The last little poppet I shall ever colour with marker pens (most likely) *wipes away tear*


She joins her bright sisters in welcoming…


…the new and improved version in water-colour!


I love water-colour THIS much! ❤

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