Beadin’ Frenzy.

Beadin’ Frenzy.

I am seriously running out of time to make anything for my mini-market.  I mean seriously.  Like, I have 5 days.  I have been crafting every spare second I get, but this past week I didn’t HAVE any spare seconds.  So I’ve been trying to get things done over the weekend.  I put all my card-making stuff away (doing THAT takes a day in itself) and got out all my bead boxes and accompanying findings and fastenings.  I have banned myself from op-shopping, at least for a little while, so I’ve not had any new (old) beads to fuel my creative mojo.  So, I’ve had to utilise what I already had.  Which, in a way, forces you to become more creative, because you have to look at things a different way.  Sometimes, that is frustrating and you (I) spend a lot of time banging your (my) my head on the table crying “I can’t work under these conditions!!!”

I have tried to use combinations of colour I wouldn’t normally use.  Wooden beads with glass beads.  Bigger things, smaller things.  Beads I have been saving (for whatever reason known only to me) and beads I thought I would never use.

I took bracelets I had made and added extra beads to turn them into necklaces.  I broke up necklaces and made THEM into pairs of earrings.  I stopped being fussy about every little detail.

In the end, I made a lot of stuff.  Over thirty pairs of earrings and 3 necklaces.  I feel like I have accomplished a lot but also, because it is ME we’re talking about here, not nearly enough.  I want to have lots and lots and LOTS of things for people to buy at my sale but I never feel like I’ve done enough.  Which is me in a nutshell really.  I need to start believing I am enough and am doing enough.  Enough with the self-doubt already!  But that’s hard and it’s Sunday evening and I have to concentrate on moping (gotta go to work tomorrow) and watching Masterchef which, in turn, makes me want to eat and then bake cookies at midnight which will then lead to all-consuming self-loathing.

So, for now, I am happy with the things I have created today (some shown below) and hopefully will get more made in the countdown towards the next weekend and my sale.

Hope you’ve had a creative, satisfying day 🙂

IMG_8920 IMG_9113 IMG_9112 IMG_9107 IMG_9110 IMG_8918 IMG_8917 IMG_8919 IMG_8916   IMG_8915

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