How Does Your Garden Grow?

How Does Your Garden Grow?

I like gardening.  I am not good at it, and I don’t always succeed in keeping things alive, but I enjoy getting my hands dirty and seeing things grow and blossom.  I used to love planting vegie gardens with my Dad when I was a child.  It was special Daddy-and-Daughter time which I truly loved and miss.  My brother was not one for getting grubby and so it usually was me out there in the rain and the mud, helping my Dad build fences and mark out rows, planting seedlings and watering in seeds.

We had a beautiful vegetable garden back then.  Potatoes and peas, tomatoes, cabbages and corn.  It was lush and green and abundant.  I can remember picking and shelling peas with my Mum and standing with my Dad at dusk, just watching our geese and chickens and ducks.  There is no better meditation than that.

So, while I am not the world’s best gardener, I do enjoy it, and continue to plant things and watch them grow, impatiently, just as I did as a kid.  I don’t have vegetables any more, although I am thinking I should perhaps give it a go again, but I do have my succulents and cacti, orchids and some other plants that I have managed to keep alive.

It’s nice to have green things around and, in the absence of any pets, it can give you the sense of having something to care for.  Do I talk to my plants?  Yes, I am guilty of that.  I don’t know if it makes any difference to their growth or wellbeing, but I do it anyway.  If they start answering back, that’s when I will worry.

May your garden always be green 🙂

IMG_9517 IMG_9508 IMG_9507 IMG_9521 IMG_9520 IMG_9511 IMG_9455 IMG_9519 IMG_9518 IMG_9509 IMG_9510 IMG_9506  IMG_9505


5 thoughts on “How Does Your Garden Grow?

  1. Your garden is gorgeous! I am not a gardener. I do enjoy it – but things never grow well for me. I talk to them too – but they mustn’t like me! I am very envious of beautiful produce filled veggie patches!

    1. Thank you 🙂 Im getting better, gardening-wise… I talk to my plants too. Goodness knows what the neighbours think of me, muttering away…

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