Super Succulents

Super Succulents

I am increasingly enamoured of my little succulent collection.  I feel almost guilty about it, seeing as how it was my friends FK and MD who introduced me to them.  They’ve created a monster.

I love watching them develop and grow.  It’s exciting (sadly) to see the little buds of new growth.  I talk to them and encourage them, which is sadder still.  But, when one does not have any pets, one must make do with plants.  They’re still living things, even if they can’t converse with you.  But, if they do start conversing with me, I probably won’t share it on here.  I might start looking at some sort of medication though.

My two little lithops are currently causing me to go “Squeeeee!” a lot because they are splitting and dividing with abandon.  Well, ok, to be truthful, they’ve only done it once each so far.  But that’s exciting, right?  I haven’t killed them or caused them to wilt/rot/disintegrate which is awesome.

The “Living Stone” lithop is particularly wonderful.  Look at that perfect division! I didn’t even know they could send a four-leafed new shoot out.  I just assumed it would be a two-leaf scenario that popped up.  I haven’t seen any that do four before.  Maybe it’s like a four-leafed clover!  Should I rub it and then buy a lottery ticket?

IMG_7964Ooh.. Just starting to split…


Little bit more…can see the leaves inside now…


…and – ta daaaaaa!…So cute and pretty 🙂

The same thing is happening with its neighbour, the “Baby Toes” lithop.


…When I bought baby home…


…a year later…


…and now! Hooray!

I am hoping this means they are happy.  My friend’s lithops died fairly quickly after purchase, so the fact that mine have thrived makes me happy and somewhat bemused as to why mine decided not to cark it.  When I don’t really know what the heck I’m doing.  Maybe it’s the idle chatter I spout at them.  I could be on to something.  If only I had thought of doing that with my roses, I might have glorious blooms that would be the envy of the neighbourhood, instead of the sad specimens I currently have.  That look like thorny sticks with wilted pot pourri on them. Oh well…

Have yourself a super day today 🙂

2 thoughts on “Super Succulents

  1. Watering them in the wrong manner (too often!) is what kills most succulents off.

    Back when I had them I lost loads before I learned that fact!

    Good luck with them, they are awesome

    1. Yes I know! I think that’s why they work for me, because I am hopeless at remembering to water things ha ha! But, having said that – in Australia, I think we do need to keep them a little wetter as even succulents dry out here.

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