Sicky Bicks

Sicky Bicks

Apologies yet again for delay in posting.  I have been sick.  Sicky, sicky, sicky bicks.  It started off one Thursday night whilst I was out shopping – I suddenly felt very unwell, stomach-achey and nauseous and had to go home quickly.  The next morning I woke up feeling like I’d been run over by a truck.  Headache, aches all over and horrible nauseating stomach cramps.  I took the day off work thinking it was just a tummy wog or maybe the start of the flu.  I thought it would be all over in a day or two.  But no…

I felt so ill.  I was super tired and couldn’t do anything all day.  The aches had gone but the nausea – oh Mylanta! – it was horrible.  I hadn’t felt that ill since my meningitis days. That in itself made me feel terrible.  I always get a bit pathetic when I’m ill – it makes me stressed and worried that something is REALLY wrong and that I’M GOING TO DIE!!!

I couldn’t eat anything, didn’t want to.  I could barely drink anything either which worried me as I have to be careful about keeping hydrated (because of my renal impairment).  A friend was kind enough to bring me some supplies of ginger ale and lemonade so I could at least have something to drink that was more appealing than water.  Another close friend brought me soup and toilet paper (because I had run out and was starting to panic – loo paper is one of the necessities of life after all) but I was really weak and could barely stand at the door to take the bags of stuff.  See?  pathetic!

I went to a doctor on the Monday.  She was hopeless – didn’t even look at me except to say I was pale.  She didn’t take my temperature or examine me or anything.  She said we should do some blood tests to determine if I was low on iron.  Which seemed a bit pointless to me.  She prescribed some medication for nausea and that was it.  I had the blood tests, which the lab then promptly lost (duh!).  By Tuesday I was feeling pretty rotten but tried to spend a day at work.  My workmates sent me home by 1pm.  The following day (after speaking to my local chemist who said I should probably go to another doctor as I was too sick for just a virus and it had been going on too long) I made myself an appointment with a different GP and she was much more thorough.  She took my temperature (wow! how innovative!) and my blood pressure, felt my tummy etc and ordered some more tests to be done, including a heliobacter breath test to see if I had an ulcer or at least a heliobacter infection causing problems.

I went to stay with my Mum for a couple of days.  I just needed some babying and looking-after.  She was very worried (as Mothers sometimes are) and fussed over me as I had expected (and looked forward to, to be honest.  Being ill on your own is miserable).  She had the misfortune of witnessing me vomit rather spectacularly one night and started nagging me about getting back to the doctor.

By Saturday, I was still unwell and feeling very exhausted and lethargic.  All I could do was sleep.  I hadn’t eaten much at all for a week. I made another appointment with the GP to discuss my results of the blood and breath test.  Everything had come back negative except for a slightly unusual liver result.  She wondered if I had gall stones.  So she referred me to a gastroenterologist/hepatologist and ordered an ultrasound.  I am now officially poor – everything costs so much these days!  Even a ten minute consult with a GP is ridiculously expensive.  At least Medicare pays for some… The specialist changed one of my medications to help the nausea and reflux (an existing issue I already had) and promised to do an endoscopy next week if I was no better.

Anyway, the ultrasound showed nothing exciting – all normal.  Even my kidneys looked ok which I wasn’t expecting.  I thought Lefty would be smaller as that is the one that was damaged the most with the meningitis.  But nope, both kidneys were the same size.

I am now waiting on blood test results from the specialist – he suspected possible hepatitis, but even then he was clutching at straws.  So it will probably end up being some weird lurgy that no one can define.  I always get things wrong with me that have no explanation.  It’s my talent.

I am now feeling a lot better – thank the Gods.  I woke up on Tuesday thinking “Wow, I actually feel human…” though I am still very tired.  I lost 3kg which was awesome, though not really the way I had wanted to do it.  I’m still not eating much – kinda have to force myself to have something, but I am trying to drink lots at least.

So please excuse my absence.  I hope it won’t happen again and that that particular health issue doesn’t raise its ugly head in the future.


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