Mum’s Xmas Pimping

Mum’s Xmas Pimping

My last post featured my attempt at sprucing up my house with some festive decorating.  This takes me one evening and I give up about half way through and say “that will do”.  My lovely Mum, on the other hand, goes all out and makes her home a veritable Winter Wonderland.  Even though Christmas takes place in our Summer.  And it takes her about a week.


My Mum has the “touch” when it comes to coordinating ornaments and colours and themes.  Her arrangements look “just so” whereas mine tend to lean towards the “just because”.  She is far more organised than me and all her stuff is neatly packed away each year so she knows where to find everything the following Christmas.  Her baubles and candles match or complement each other, as well as coordinating with everything else in the room.  She has “themes” going on.  Like, blue and red and white in one room, or natural greens and browns in another.  Her Christmas trees have themes.  And I say Christmas trees plural, because she has, like, six or so trees.  She actually bought another one today while I was with her.  Her old one was looking a bit ratty and sub-par.


The only year I have ever known Mum to not decorate to some degree, is the year she split from my Dad.  That year everything was just too hard and icky and she didn’t have the emotional strength.  But it bothered her, and she missed it, and the next year she was back with a vengeance, not letting anything stand in her way of creating the perfect festive flurry of coordinated loveliness.


But a lot of the things she uses to decorate with are second hand finds, op-shop treasures and vintage pieces handed down.  She doesn’t spend a lot each year on new baubles or other trim – she makes a little go a long way.  Mind you, she could easily fill a room with all the stuff she has and that’s even after getting rid of a lot of things she no longer loved or needed (her decorating style has changed over the years, as anyone’s does). But I love that she takes pride in it.  And I love that she is anti-bah-humbug, like me.  We love Christmas.  We love it because we are blessed and lucky to have the life we have, the friends we hold dear and the family who supports us.  The decorating is just really a shrine to that.  A shiny, glittery, sparkly shrine.  With a tree or two or six to round things out.


Someday, I hope my home will be as pretty and well set out as hers.  I try not to compare myself to her because we are different people, after all, and we lead very different lives in terms of the time we have to devote to making a home, and making it beautiful.  Plus, I am a messy slob and she is not, ha ha.  That’s probably the main problem, to be honest. I think she despairs of me, secretly, but she never says anything about my mess.  And, to be fair, I have inherited my hoarding tendencies and love of “stuff” from her so, y’know, she’s got some blame in all of this 🙂


I hope your home makes you feel warm and secure this festive season, whatever it looks like and whoever you share it with


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