Good Cheer Card

Good Cheer Card

Hello!  Aren’t I being good – posting nearly every day this week?  How long will it last?  I don’t know…but I am trying to get better at posting regularly.  I really need to have a more exciting life, then I would have something to talk about.  I should take up sky-diving or swimming-with-sharks or something.  Maybe.  Possibly not.

A simple, vintage-inspired card today.  I like the colours and the trim used.  I would put pom-pom trim on everything if I could.  It’s so cute. Maybe if I covered myself in it (and maybe inked my edges), I would look cute and vintage too?  Or just grubby and tatty…that’s not such a good look.  I have enough trouble getting dressed in the mornings – I don’t need to add extra embellishments to confuse and delay me further.

Hope your day is filled with good cheer.  And maybe some pom-poms.



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