Christmas Chaos

Christmas Chaos

Every year.  Every FLIPPING year.  I get to Christmas and I am as prepared for it as I would be for a zombie apocalypse.  And, in fact, I am probably MORE prepared for zombies than I am for the festive season.  I always promise myself I am going to be organised and calm and orderly and systematic in my approach.  I will stick to a theme and a budget and know what I am doing AT ALL TIMES.

But, alas, I am a super-dufus every year.  I run out of time for things, forget people on my list, buy way too much stuff and end up in a right tizz.  My lounge room currently looks like the aforementioned zombie infestation has ransacked the place, leaving shopping bags and wrapping paper and bits of cellotape everywhere.  I would love to be like Martha Stewart and have a fabulous “wrapping station”, but in reality I have the floor.  And right now, due to my untidiness, I barely have that.

I want to wrap all my gifts elegantly and with a central colour palate.  They should all look uniform and pretty and delightful.  Instead, the first two get wrapped elegantly and delightfully while the rest get stuck together with packing tape or shoved in a recycled gift bag someone gave me last year.  One year I gave up altogether and used a pillow case to wrap something, like a floral Santa sack.  True story.

Last night I went into panic mode, realising I didn’t have enough handmade cards to give out to people, which meant, horror-of-horrors, that I would have to give out bought ones.  Eek.  I don’t normally do bought ones.  If I can help it.  But every year I seem to be in a state of greeting card meltdown and end up buying whatever crappy box of cards are left in the shops, to give out to people.  Because, if I was smart, I should start making the cards months ahead of schedule.  But I am not smart.

To make matters worse, people at work are finishing up for Christmas at all different times (how rude and confusing!).  So some people are finishing today, others are working until the 24th like me.  Some people are finishing next week, and others are still working over the holidays.  I don’t know who’s doing what and I go into yet another spiral of panic about getting cards and gifts to people.  I feel bad if I miss someone out or if they give me something and I am so unorganised that I haven’t gotten something for them.  I used to make gingerbread cookies every year for everyone.  Packaged them up prettily and gave them out.  But I don’t even get that done any more as my oven is rubbish and I am too unorganised and stressed.  Plus, my kitchen is probably covered in wrapping paper and Lord knows what else so there is no room for baking anyway.  Chaos, as always, reigns supreme.

Last night I sat up late, writing out Christmas cards (the dreaded bought ones) and then decided this morning that I hate them and don’t want to use them.  So now you can add terrible-waster-of-paper to my list of sins. Which means, I will have to pull an all-nighter every day for the next week and make cards.  They will have to be simple and non-fussy.  They will have to be quick to make and unisex.  Several of my friends have birthdays around Christmas so there is also that conundrum.  Do I make birthday cards or do I buy them?  First World problems I know, but still…

I just want everything to be nice.  And I want people to feel that they are important to me and that I make some effort when choosing and packaging their gifts or making their cards.  I know I put too much pressure on myself and worry unnecessarily but it is one of many issues I have, let’s face it. One year I am just going to bloody well buy cards and normal wrapping paper and not worry about it all.  But that year is NOT this year.  There is still time to organise myself and make things look ok.  I can still make cards and tags and my own wrapping paper.  I can probably make 200 gingerbread men if I stay up til 4am and I might as well construct a multi-level, decorated gingerbread house while I’m at it.  Who needs sleep, anyway?

Hope your festive season is going along smoothly and that all your plans are coming to fruition.  If not, you can rest easy, knowing there is someone who will always be less organised and way more frantic than you.  EVERY FLIPPING YEAR.


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